Rossland Radio News Release, for Members Past and Present

Rossland Radio
By Rossland Radio
October 14th, 2010

Dear members past and present,

The Rossland Radio Cooperative is at a critical point in it’s development. We are now located at 1807 Columbia Ave, in the ‘Rotary Health Building’, in case you didn’t know. The space is great but comes with a price, both financial and otherwise. During the early winter we had a lot of help with the move from the United Church and the construction and reno of the new studio. Unfortunately, changing the location of our transmitter and antenna drastically decreased the quality of our FM reception. Also, our streaming audio and archives have been suffering from connectivity problems and are no longer a reliable product as they were before. On top of that, our studio computer crashed during the heat of the summer. We have money in the bank for only a couple more months of rent payments. Volunteerism with the RRC is at a dangerous low. Sounds like a heap of trouble, no? All is not lost:

* Thanks to the help of the Flying Steamshovel, we have had the help of a computer tech and have restored our studio computer, massive music library and our ‘autopilot’ software. That means more consistency with music on the FM, even when programmers are not in there doing live shows. So tune in when and if you can.
* We are planning some work days to finish off studio renos including trim, shelving, elevating the antenna to increase FM reception quality and more. This will happen over the next couple of months.
* We have received a year extension on our license and will be submitting an application to the CRTC and Industry Canada to increase our broadcast power and time.
* We have computer techs working and volunteering to try and restore our streaming audio and archive system to its former glory.
* Dave Livingstone of Empire New Media has re-vamped our web page, have a look.
* We will be buying a t-shirt press with money received from a grant and will be able to generate revenue with this new tool.
* We will be assissting in the recording of the ‘Rossland Reads’ series over November in affiliation with the Telegraph and Cafe Books.

Finally, on October 27th, 7:00pm, at the Rock Cut Pub we will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is a great opportunity to renew your RRC membership for only $20 (although you don’t have to be at the AGM to do this). Here we will do a ‘year in review’, go over financials, elect a new board of directors, give away a few prizes and look ahead to what the upcoming year holds. Also, there will be a ‘Silent Garage Sale’. We need new directors! Anyone interested in helping to steer the RRC as a director, please send an expression of interest to radio@rosslandradio.com . Look for posters, and please come to the AGM.

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