Christmas comes early: city doles out CBT community cash

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
April 22nd, 2010

What kind of positive improvement could you make to your community for $45,318? The Columbia Basin Trust learned just that at a special meeting of city council Monday night. As part of the CBT’s Community Initiatives program, the City of Rossland received $45,318 this year to be awarded to worthy non-profit community clubs, groups and organizations dedicated to the betterment of the community.

Twenty two organizations applied, each singing for their supper one last time in an oddly American Idol-type style. Each delegation received three minutes to add any last minute woe-is-us pleas or look-what-we-can-do-with-a-bit-of-help cheerleading.

While the groups and their funding requests varied wildly, the common characteristic of the evening was people putting in their own time and energy to bring something to this community that we otherwise wouldn’t have.

In the end, council made their selections and awarded he $49,318 around to 13 of the 20 applicants (only 17 presented).

And the winners were:

Boomtown Heritage Arts Society

  • Develop and launch a new musical theater production as a permanent addition to our repertoire. Requested: $3,000 Received $1,100.

Career Development Services

  • West Kootenay Youth & Adult Wood Shop. WKYAWS is a program that supports the learning of wood working and entrepreneurial skills by youth and adults that face significant barriers in the community. The program participants are taught these skills by skilled mentors within their community. Besides the fully equipped wood shop, participants are supported to learn the business end by designing, marketing and selling value added wood products in the store front. Requested $3,000 – Received $780. 

Golden City Manors Society

  • Replacement of Flooring. Requested $5,000 – Received $4,100.

Great Trail Community Justice Program Society 

  • To deliver community training on restorative justice practices as well as obtain advanced restorative justice training for program staff and volunteers. Requested: $560 – Received $384.

Greater Trail Swim Racing Society

  • Two new started blocks to be installed at the Warfield Pool. 2 Stingray banners to be used during fund raising events, parades and during swim meets. Requested: $1,024 – Received $1,003.

Horse Association of Central Kootenay

  • Expand the horse activities in the community. With this program the youth are given the opportunity to attend clinics, horse camps, horse shows, 4-H activities , all of which provide a positive and nurturing environment for their growth. Requested: $500 – Received $300. 

Kootenay Columbia Educational Heritage Society

  • This project intends to complete the arrangement of the historic School Districts 9,11 and 20 archival records, compile and digitize the large photograph collection and organize the growing artifact collection related to the history of education and schools in the Greater trail and Castlegar areas. Requested: $732 – Received $491.

Kootenay Food Strategy Society

  • Liability insurance for farmers market & Community Garden. Requested: $1,450 Received $1,110.

Kootenay Music Festival Society

  • The purpose of the Kootenay Festival of the Arts is to create opportunities for young artists to perform on stage and to receive adjudication from a professional arts teacher. Workshops are provided. Winners at various levels may perform at provincial level. Requested:$100 Received $100.

Kootenay Robusters Society

  • Multistroke Training machine. The multistroke machine would allow all season training for the members of the Kootenay Robusters Dragon boat team. This would enable us to attract potential members particularly breast cancer survivors and associate paddlers. We hoped to purchase three machine. Requested $2516.97 Received $1,960.

Lower Columbia Community Development Team (LCCDT)

  • Lower Columbia Attainable Housing Initiative. The Attainable housing Committee of the Lower Columbia Community Development Team is requesting support to assist with initiating and managing the early stages of the Lower Columbia Region Attainable Housing Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan. Requested: $1,000 Received $1,000. 

Rossland and District Search & Rescue Society

  • Ongoing training, equipment upgrade and replacement and staying current with evolving technology. Requested $2,500 Received $2,000. 

Rossland Child Care Society 

  • To bring our practice in line with provincial expectations, we will develop our pedagogical  narration. In order to complete and enhance our documentation of the children’s learning, in a timely and cost effective manner, we will need to acquire several electronic devices. We will photograph and video tape the children doing both self directed and group learning times and display them in electronic photo/video frames, whenever possible, thereby reducing our use of printing and paper. When needed, we will print out own photos using a laser printer and recycled paper thereby reducing carbon emissions and time spent in travel. Requested: $2,751.53 – Received $1,100.

Rossland Council for Arts & Culture

  • Would like to purchase 15 new lightweight durable plastic banquet tables for the miners hall to be used for community function. Requested $3,675 Received $2,595.

Rossland Gold Fever Follies Youth Employment

  • The gold fever follies has been performing an original historic musical theater show to thousands of locals and tourists during the summer months for 23 years. This year’s project proposes to hire 1 local young playwright and 8 post secondary performing arts students to work and mentor five love youth. Requested: $2,700 Received $2,020.

Rossland Historical Museum & Archives

  • This project is to purchase a lap top computer for the museum and to purchase two Italpersonalall BeltpaAmplifierseds designed for tour guides. Requested $1,841.07 Received $1,821.

Rossland Light Opera Players

  • RLOP’s sound equipment is aging and damaged and needs to be replaced and improved. We intend to purchase the components that are needed to make this a first-rate portable sound system for our own and community use. Requested: $4,510 Received $3,800.

Rossland Radio Co-op

  • To develop and in house promotional campaign through the purchase of a silk screen shirt press and start up supplies. With the ability to develop custom promotional materials for our radio station we hp to improve our promotional products by making them unique, to involve our volunteers in the creation of the products and provide our radio members and listeners with one of a kind locally produced, fun products. In addition we could offer shirt printing services to other community groups in town including special events, sports and groups. Requested $3,931.35 Received $2,185.

Rossland Winter Carnival Society

  • The golden city days committee will purchase a portable stage on which local artists and heritage groups may perform at outdoor community festivals plus monies to assist will go toward performers fees and expenses. The new stage will be the same as the stage purchases last year by the winter carnival to double it’s size and allow dancers to use it. Requested $3,000 – Received $974.

 RSS Dance Academy

  • Purchase wall mirrors for dance academy. Mirrors to be installed so that they are removable in anticipation of moving into a Rossland Secondary School Space. Requested: $3,004.96 Received $2,880.


  • Spay and Neuter Initiative. To provide the cost of spaying nor neutering to 100% of adopted animals from the Trail Regional Brand of the BCSPCA. This allows us to help the community by preventing further unwanted animals in our region and therefore helping to control the overpopulation of cats, dogs and rabbits. Requested $2,000 Received $1,800.

Tourism Rossland Society

  • Historical Walking Tour and historical Building Plaques. Redesign and reprint of the Rossland Historical walking tour map. The new map would include promotion of the Rossland Gold Fever Follies and the Rossland Museum’s joint pass. The historical plaques would be placed on each of the buildings identified in the walking tour map together with a historical picture of what the building looked like at the tun of the century. Requested: $5,741.15 Received $4,153.

Trail and District Community Arts Council

  • Music in the Park sound upgrade. Upgrade the sound system and provide sound attenuation for the Gazebo in Gyro Park. Requested $1,077 Received $600.

Trail Gymnastics Club Society

  • Equipment upgrades as per FIG requirements. To provide updated equipment as specified by the Federation of the international Gymnasts. This would allow our club to provide equipment that meets today’s current standards for safety and performance requirements mandated by the Gymnastics BC risk management policies and Allsport insurance. This initiative will become mandatory for all clubs throughout BC by December 31,2010. Requested $6,740 Received $2,750.

Trail Gymnastics Club Society

  • Sponsorship Funding assistance for underprivileged Children. Funding to provide sponsorship support to families in need. Thereby allowing underpriveleded children in Trail and the surrounding areas to participate in the gymnastics program under a share cost base situation. Requested $1,800 Received $1,030. 

Trail Maple Leaf Band

  • Revitalization Project. This project has been undertaken to update replace and add to our equipment. It includes new music stands to replace the broken and damaged ones we now use, new vinyl music folders to replace our current light cardboard ones. The addition of several new large instruments for new members to play. And acquisition of a number of new music pieces for our community performances. Requested $1,750 Received $780. 

West Kootenay Brain Injury Society

  • Clubhouse and wheelchair ramp. Leveling of parking lot and installation of wheelchair ramp and expansion of back deck to make property more accessible to residents. Requested $1,200 Received $700.


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