Parents of Rossland, WAKE UP!

By tflood
August 24th, 2009

Ever wonder where your teenager might be at 5 am? Try looking for him walking with his gang in my yard. Time after time, I wake up to loud teenagers getting rowdy on the streets late at night. They aren’t just being loud kids (most are definitely under 18), but there often beating the crap out of each while wasted. I’ve had to call the police for the good ol’ “let’s go on the school roof and be loud and stupid”. Finally that ended after I hassled the high school to buid a barracade. But, make no mistake, they will just be somewhere else. So here’s the thing- since the police presence in Rossland is mainly to give us all seatbelt tickets, parents, YOU have to be the ones to lay down the law. Is that so hard? Do you want your kid in my yard at 5 am on a wednesday night? What the hell are they into that keeps them up so late? Maybe you could try envoking some more responsibility in their lives (read: SUMMER JOB). Suppose then, your son/daughter might be up and productive instead of sleeping until 1 and waking up for a hard day of facebook and texting. Next time the party ends up in my yard (upper Rossland, 3rd ave), everyone goes home with complementary bruises and scrapes.

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