ILO's on the chopping BLOCK???

By liam
June 15th, 2009

Apparently in their boundless wisdom, City Council is taking yet another run at ILO’s preschool.

Come on guys our children need this stuff. I guess it matters not to any of the elected officials, as bike trails are higher on their list than education. The flavor of the day is has taken us over.

Word has it that council is releasing new guidelines, that the miners hall not be used for anything permanent. I SAY, I SAY pardon…..

Were we not just wining last winter that it was under used???

The federal and Provincial governments have proved themselves incompetent in providing to our basic needs. Health care, Education, and Infrastructure.

So I guess our local council has decided to follow suit. What is next a cut in the snow removal budget.

I have an idea, we can all hire someone to home school our kids while we shovel the snow off the streets …. LETS GO GREEN……….


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