Selkirk Students Fulfill Course Requirements Internationally

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April 15th, 2009

Over fifteen students from Selkirk College’s Recreation, Fish & Wildlife, Community Support Worker and Nursing programs will fulfill their course requirements internationally this year. Selkirk College has an ongoing partnership with an environmental institute in Santiago which has sent many Chilean students to study in the Renewable Resources program at Selkirk. This is the first year that two students from the Recreation, Fish & Wildlife program will be going to Chile.

In addition, four Community Support Worker and twelve Nursing students will be going to Guatemala. Nursing Students from Selkirk College have been going to Guatemala over the past four years. However, this is the first year that a group of Community Support Worker students will be going to Guatemala.

Linda Wilkinson, Department Head of Selkirk International / Study Abroad, says international experience is extremely valuable. “These international options to regular programming are attracting new students to Selkirk College and our region.

Students interested in participating in an international experience rely heavily on family and community support. They are encouraged to fundraise throughout the year and to apply for scholarships to help assist with the costs. Of the students going abroad, four will be enjoying the benefits of the Ike K. Barber One World Scholarship.

Recipients of the scholarship, which included Christian Poulin, Megan Crozier, Rose Hodwitz and Cheralynne Kennedy, were awarded $1000 each. The money will directly help fund the cost of the students’ upcoming applied research, human services and international nursing projects occurring in Chile and Guatemala.

“The funding will help me a lot,” said Recreation, Fish and Wildlife student Christian Poulin. “I will be going to Chile for five weeks in the spring to research how parks and the work of park rangers differ from those in Canada. The scholarship will pay for over half of my air fare and will allow me to add a global experience to my resume.”

Due to the downturn in the global economy, 2009 marks the final year the Ike K. Barber One World Scholarship will be offered to students. However, other scholarships for international study, such as the Kathleen Pinckney International Education Award, will be available in 2010 through the college.


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