LETTER TO THE EDITOR: RDKB on Christina Lake Proposal

Kathy Wallace
By Kathy Wallace
March 2nd, 2009

Dear Rachel Witter (and the many others who have voiced their comments in regard to the proposed project by Aquilini Renewable Energy):

I am newly appointed as an RDKB Director as of the recent Municipal Elections. I welcome and encourage your letters and emails. I read every piece of correspondence I receive. Public input is a LARGE part of “due process”, and I am very cognizant that an elected official’s responsibility is to abide by the rules of “due process”: step by step by step. Any and all applications received must be accepted for review and consideration.

I am attaching a current information package from the RDKB Planning Department that outlines the current status of this proposal. The RDKB has acted by requesting further information and until that information is received there is no other action for the Board to take.

Further, it needs to be understood that there are many levels of approvals that will be required in order for this proposal to proceed. Consultations will occur with the Ministries of Environment, Health, Transportation, Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources, Transport Canada, First Nations and possibly others. A formal Public Hearing is also mandated by the process. And further, as this is a proposed energy project it will likely require a separate application under the Provincial Environmental Assessment Act.

Due diligence will be done. All information will be made available to the public when it is received.

Thanks for your patience with “due process” for it reflects the basis of democracy that ensures equitable recognition of all stakeholders.

Respectfully submitted,

Director Kathy Wallace
Regional District of Kootenay Boundary – Rossland

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