LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Recycling on the skids

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
January 12th, 2009

Thursday is recycling and garbage day here. The driveway was a sheet of ice. After doning coat, over nightgown, boots and kleats, I slide my way down the driveway with the 1st box.

After one fall, I decided that was stupid and gave the next box and the
garbage a push which sent them sailed to the bottom of the hill. Then I only had to position them.

Recycling in Rossland in the winter is difficult. Sometimes the truck just
cannot make it down the roads and that is not to criticize the city crews or
the Recycling truck people. It is a fact if you live in Rossland.

The Health Care Thrift Shop no longer recycles. No one is willing to take
that to Trail. The United Church recycling gets done when I remember the
appropriate day.

When we had the recycling bins, we could do our recycling at our convenience. The Thrift Shop ladies took all of theirs, the churches I did when it was full at my convenience. When People Loving People looked after the depot it was as neat and tidy as a Recycling Depot can be.

We need our Recycling Bins back. Surely there must be a place in or near
Rossland that will tolerate them.

The city says they have had few complaints. Please complain.

Thank you,

Joan Hanson

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