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By Rossland Telegraph
December 26th, 2008

January 2008 Johan Kruus of Nordic Spirit Timberworks was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor is a rare but aggressive form of cancer. Johan underwent brain surgery to have the tumor removed and then received radiation treatments and chemotherapy.

As some of you know, Johan has also been pursing novel chemotherapy approaches and combining these with diet change, meditation, acupuncture and positive thought therapy. Unfortunately the tumor has shown resistance to treatment and, although he is continuing with his alternative therapies, at his last MRI they discovered the tumor had grown back and is now larger than the original size.

Johan now requires additional surgery and has found a new and innovative type of treatment being pioneered in Europe. This comprehensive therapy has shown preliminary success in treating brain tumors with several patients currently in remission. Johan is on a waitlist and will hopefully be called shortly after January 1 for the treatment. The surgery, follow up treatment and travel expenses could reach upwards of $100,000.

A trust account has been opened at the Rossland Credit Union called, “Johan Kruus Fundraising Campaign” so that people can donate to Johan and his family to make his trip and treatment feasible and as stress free as possible.

Additionally, Nicole Tigchelar’s sister Alex will be performing a Burlesque Dance on December 27 at the Old Fire Hall; profits will go to Johan’s Fundraising Campaign. There is also a Joe Hill Coffee House being organized for February 14 at the Miners Hall and, once again, all proceeds will go towards Johan’s trust. Stay tuned for a fundraising dance to be held in March as well. Other events are being organized to raise money to support Johan and his family. If you have other ideas, please let us know. Please donate at the Credit Union and we will keep you posted via email and in the paper for other events where we all can get together and support Johan in his pursuit of health.

Please send any other ideas for fundraising to Louise Drescher at drescher@telus.net

Thanks very much,

Louise, Susan and Deb

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