Dispensary Opening in Rossland

Dispensary Opening in Rossland

On Wednesday, October 5, a new store opens its doors in the Mountain Kingdom.  The Rossland Dispensary will be the newest addition to Rossland's business community.

What IS a marijuana dispensary?

Column: A different look at LNG for BC

Column:  A different look at LNG for BC

There will many announcements and pronouncements for and against the federal government’s approval of the Petronas LNG project if, in view of the 190 pre-conditions, approval is the appropriate term. What aroused my curiosity was the identity of developer: who is Petronas?

Editorial Musing: New MSP Premiums for 2017

Editorial Musing:  New MSP Premiums for 2017

How much do you pay for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)?  This year, if you're a single person who earned $21,900 (or so) last year ("adjusted net income"), you'll pay nothing  -- as long as you applied for Premium Assistance.

Re-inventing the Wheel and Electoral Reform

Re-inventing the Wheel and Electoral Reform

How should we vote?  How should the people of Canada be represented in our federal government? How should members of Parliament be elected?  On September 1st at the Fireside Inn in Castlegar, a  number of citizens interested in these simple yet profound  questions met with our local MP, Richard Cannings, to talk about electoral reform.

Quality of Care in Seniors' Facilities

Quality of Care in Seniors'  Facilities

Many Rosslanders recall the unfortunate separation of a devoted senior couple so that they could more conveniently (for IHA) be housed in different facilities, in different towns.  While separated, one of the couple died.  The resulting, and well-justified, outcry may have resulted in changes to the practice of deciding which extended-care patients get housed in what facilities, and whether or not married couples are forcibly separated.

Thought-provoking Workshop to Generate Ideas

Thought-provoking Workshop to Generate Ideas

Do you roll your eyes at the word "sustainability" and scoff at concerns about food security? Well, how much of the world's news have you been reading -- or do you stick to celebrity gossip and animal photos so as not to become too depressed about bombings, weird extreme weather and famine in distant places, or about political trends and weird extreme weather in not-so-distant places?   

A workshop on September 14-16 at The Seven Summits Centre for Learning will expose participants to ideas that will be well-known to some, but perhaps brand-new to others.

COLUMN: From the Hill -- Site C and Treaty 8

COLUMN:  From the Hill -- Site C and Treaty 8

On February 18th of this year a group of First Nations activists came to Ottawa to speak to the government about the Site C dam project on the Peace River.  They met with myself and other MPs in the BC NDP caucus to discuss their attempts to delay construction of the dam until the concerns of their people were heard in federal court this fall.  The Liberal government refused to meet with them. 

EDITORIAL RANT: Rape Culture Sums Up Human Society, So Far

EDITORIAL RANT: Rape Culture Sums Up Human Society, So Far

A reader recently commented privately about the recent "Rape and Consequences" article, and expressed dismay that Canada's "rape shield" legislation is not  more effective at curbing  defence attorneys' strategy of "whacking the victim" in court.  Her comment made me think:  our society's acceptance of "rape culture" is evidence of an ingrained sexism, but its origins go far beyond  sexism.

'Night at the Museum' in Rossland to feature Dr. Gavin Hanke of the Royal BC Museum in Victoria

Dr. Gavin Hanke, Curator of Vertebrate Zoology; Photo -- Royal Museum of BC.

"Night at the Museum" on August 10, from 7:30 to 8:30 pm, will feature Dr. Gavin Hanke of the Royal Museum of BC, and the opportunity to speak with him informally.  He will have with him some exhibits -- and a vast store of knowledge on vertebrates:  that's all the creatures with backbones, though he doesn't include humans in his studies.  He will be focusing particularly on species at risk, as will the next exhibition at the Rossland Museum.

COLUMN: What Caribou Need to Survive

Boreal Woodland Caribou:  Photo from David Suzuki Foundation

(Editor's Note:  Southern BC is also home to most of the world's at-risk population of Mountain Caribou, and the comments in the column below about the need for undisturbed habitat apply equally.  For a BC government document on the Mountain Caribou's need for "large tracts of old-growth forest in the Interior Wet Belt,"  click here.)

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