Favorite 2008 Memories

Looking back and contemplating life as 2008 comes to a close, we here at the Telegraph are asking you to let us know what highlights of the past year stood out in your mind as the most memorable events: people, snowstorms, adventures, stories (make us laugh, make us mist up), books, films, or anything else that really touched your heart and soul and which you see as worth storing in the community memory bank. Anyone you want to thank publicly for a helping hand or a kind word? Now’s your chance.

Brenda Gill: Prepare for the Holiday Season, Digestion-Wise

After being at a Christmas party this weekend, I was reminded of how rich the foods tend to be. It’s that time of year when all of us tend to indulge. This will give you some tools for that holiday season, when we all tend to eat mixtures of foods, rich combinations of foods and sometimes just darn too much food! · Try to choose small amounts of rich foods, so that you can enjoy the tastes of the season, but, don’t put too much load on the digestive system all at one time

Moshi Moshi "Drift Izakaya" - New Asian Restaurant in Rossland

The Nowehere Special lounge became less special last fall when it closed its doors. A new kind of specialness, however, will soon be drifting back into a space that has been vacant and papered up for the past several months. Ivor Smith, Red Resorts Food and Beverage manager, will soon be opening his new creation along with former Vancouverite Chef Aaron Molloy. Broadening Rosslands culinary options, the new restaurant/lounge will be called “Dirft: Izakaya” following the current hot trend in the restaurant world of the Izakaya which translated means ‘a place to go and drink sake’.

Bear Aware Goes Into Hibernation for the Winter

By Rachel Roussin The 2008 bear season is quickly coming to an end and this gives us a good opportunity to reflect on the good and the bad of 2008 in regards to how we managed our bear attractants and how we can improve for next year.

Tash Lockey - Rossland Entrepreneur Going Hard

Tash Lockey is, in a word, a spark. A spark of energy and enthusiasm that tends to rub off on anyone with whom she comes in contact. A native Kiwi, having grown up in the Bay of Islands on the north island, Tash and her boyfriend Ian have called Rossland home since 2000. The couple’s adventurous spirit and outgoing attitude lend themselves perfectly to Rossland’s laid back, recreation-driven lifestyle.

NEW UPDATE on Trail Shooting

Last week saw two consecutive days in the Trail area involving gun violence that shocked many in a region known for being relatively peaceful and free of urban type issues and crime. Police have now issued a public request (attached to this story) for information about the shooting. On Tuesday, November 25th, after being called out to a traffic accident in Warfield, downhill from Webster Elementary School, police discovered the male driver had been shot, and was later pronounced dead at the Trail Regional Hospital.

Car Sharing Coming to Rossland?

It seems everywhere you look these days people are looking to save costs both in their back pocket as well as environmentally. With the current economic situation upon us, the need to save where we can has taken on a heightened importance for many. The good news is that with ever-tightening economic belts combining with a growing environmental consciousness, alternative forms of transportation such as car sharing are getting a second look from people who in the past haven’t considered such options.

Murder in Warfield

There appears to have been some foul play in our area on Tuesday night that had local RCMP investigating the scene all night. Sergeant Rob Hawton of the Trail RCMP: “Police got a call around 6:45 last evening about a single vehicle accident on the highway in the lower part of Warfield. Upon attendance with the Emergency Health Services and the Fire Department, we subsequently learned that the victim had a gunshot wound and was deceased by the time they got him to the hospital. We’ve now followed up with a murder investigation.”

Don't Pout: Winterlights Judges Are Coming to Town

The Winterlights judges will be in Rossland from Friday December 5th to Sunday December 7th in conjunction with the Rekindle the Spirit of Christmas event on the 6th of December. Winterlights is the winter program of Communities in Bloom that was created in 2001 to encourage communities to showcase winter activities, festive celebrations, and visual decorations that will increase Canada’s appeal as a winter tourist destination and improve the quality of life in communities across the country. More information on the program is available at

Teck Reduces Zinc Production in Response to Global Recession

Teck will be reducing its zinc production by around 20%, effective immediately. This reduction is in response to a slackening in the demand for metals as a result of the global recession. Zinc is a component in stainless steel, and as demand for stainless steel declines, so does demand for zinc. The power that Teck saves through cutting down on production will be sold on the energy market; this will actually improve the company’s profitability.
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