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by Nelson Daily Sports on Friday Dec 31 2010

Marley Bassett of Nelson was joined by a few friends to officially open the Glory Ridge triple chair at the Whitewater Ski Resort.

Bassett won the raffle draw hosted by Whitewater Ski Team, the Avalanche Awareness Beyond the Boundaris, and the Nelson Food Cupboard.

Rising 2,042 vertical-feet in 11 minutes, the new Glory Ridge Chair, opened prior to Christmas, will at full build-...

by Clint Bell on Wednesday Dec 29 2010

Choosing the best music of the year is always difficult when there are so many interesting bands to choose from and narrowing the field to say that one is the best of all is impossible. Here’s my take on the top albums of the year, in no specific order because, well, there just isn’t one that I can say tops them all.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ...
by Alex Atamanenko on Wednesday Dec 29 2010
This past year, my staff and I had the privilege of assisting constituents faced with federal bureaucratic problems – unfair treatment, misinterpretations or just plain despair at not seeing any hope in their particular plight. 
For the most part, I find the federal public service is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and...
by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Dec 29 2010
In perhaps one of the most bizarre stories of the year, that of bears being used as guard dogs at a Christina Lake marijuana grow op grew stranger by the day. From D-List Canadian Celebrities coming out in support of the bears followed by viral petitions and the emergence of “The Bear Dude,” as a new character in the Kootenay Boundary news scene. August's news was dominated by this one story...
by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Dec 29 2010

What better way is their to spend a summer day than getting high in a group to celebrate your country? Rosslanders kicked of the month of July in typical fashion; perched high on Mt. Roberts before lamenting the year the was in regional recreation while at the same time celebrating recreation in Rossland as more trails were added to our world class network.

by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Dec 29 2010

The invasion of the bears reached peak levels in June as a record number were being destroyed in the region. By mid-June in the Castlegar region alone 18 bears had already been destroyed. One particular bear, shot in the foot, wounded by, but not killed led conservation officers on a wild bear chase around the city as sightings of the bear showed up for a week following the incident

by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Dec 29 2010

Staring down the potential loss of its school's as well as what could amount to being one of the most expensive projects in recent Rossland history the City got behind two worthy initiatives.

May 13th - Saving Rossland's Schools: The City puts its money where its heart is

The City of Rossland put it’s money where it’s heart was...

by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Dec 29 2010

April brought with it a sense of protectionism to town; namely how to protect the sale of locally grown eggs and those who eat them. Further afield a group of friendly folk were trying to solve a half century long riddle on how to get both protection and management abilities on the Old Glory alpine area.

by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Dec 29 2010

February's news was centered around KBRH as ground zero in the ongoing debate between surgeons and IH over potential operating room cuts at the hostpital.

Mar -11 INTERVIEW: Dr. Andre De Greef - The doctors strike back


The ongoing disagreement over potential operating room cuts at KBRH after months of...
by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Dec 29 2010

With cold weather coursing through town, council heard stories of green grass, gardens, boulevards and all of the cosmetic pesticides that should't be allowed in , on or around those areas. For the first time in three decades the Nelson District Credit Union faced labour action and in the game of the federal economic stimulus lottery Rossland won big.



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