BCTF President Jim Iker responds to BC Court of Appeal decision

BCTF president Jim Iker disappoined with BC Court of Appeal decision.

Jim Iker Response to BC Court of Appeal decision April 30, 2015

Good morning:

I’ll start right off by saying this is not the decision teachers – and workers across the country were hoping for today.

It is a disappointing ruling.

But, I will also say we fundamentally disagree with the decision which focuses on pre-legislative consultation by government. However there is a strong dissenting opinion from Justice Donald.

Minister Fassbender's statement on B.C. Court of Appeal ruling

Minister Fassbender's statement on B.C. Court of Appeal ruling

Education Minister Peter Fassbender made the following statement on the B.C. Court of Appeal ruling:

“On preliminary review, we are very pleased with the Court of Appeal’s decision.

“Along with last year’s historic six-year agreement, today’s decision gives us a unique opportunity to work with teachers to improve outcomes for students.

“Since 2002, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in student outcomes, particularly for students with special needs - and teachers should be very proud of this.

MP: 2015 elections are Canada's best bet for electoral reform

MP: 2015 elections are Canada's best bet for electoral reform

In the last dozen years, eight out of nine commissions or citizen assemblies created by governments in Canada have not only advocated getting rid of our first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system but have recommended adopting MMP, or mixed-member-proportional representation.

A Report from Mayor Kathy Moore

Rossland Mayor Kathy Moore

There’s lots going on in Rossland lately.

Looking good one year later — B.C.'s Skills for Jobs Blueprint

Premier Christy Clark was all smiles on the first anniversary of B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint.

The BC government celebrated progress and success on the one-year anniversary Wednesday of B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint, government’s plan to help British Columbians find their fit in the province’s diverse, strong and growing economy.

As part of the celebration, Premier Christy Clark announced $727,500 for a unique program that opens the doors to a career in the trades for young people. Funding is for 326 new seats in 12 public post-secondary institutions for the Trades Discovery program.

End of boil-water advisory for Robson not good news for all

End of boil-water advisory for Robson not good news for all

Not all Robson/Raspberry residents are delighted to see an almost-two-decades-long boil-water advisory finally lifted and a $3.2-million water treatment facility in place.

The back story is that, 18 years ago, the Interior Health Authority found E.Coli in Robson/Raspberry water samples and levied the boil water advisory, according to Robson/Raspberry Improvement District President Anne White.

Red Mountain Hotel Design Squeaks by

Design Concept: Red Mountain Hotel


April 27th, 2015:  Council had a busy evening, starting at 5:00 pm with a Committee-of-the-Whole (CoW) meeting to discuss the City's draft 2014 financial statements with the  City's auditor; at 6:00 pm, a Public Consultation on the Budget;  and at 7:00, a regular Council meeting.

Letter on Federal Budget

Letter on Federal Budget

In his media release on the recent federal budget, the Conservative candidate seems proud of his party’s “balanced” budget.  This budget was only balanced by raiding the EI fund (which belongs to the workers who paid dues into it) for $1.8 billion, taking $2 billion out of the $3-billion contingency fund (good fiscal managers should know that contingency funds are for year-end spending in extraordinary circumstances, not for spending at the start of the year for political reasons), and selling our GM shares at below-market prices. 

WildSafeBC funding should help reduce human-wildlife conflict

Bear-resistant bins can stop bears from turning into garbage eaters.

To help reduce the number of human-wildlife conflicts, which some are potentially dangerous situations, the Province is awarding WildSafeBC $275,000 to provide education and increase awareness in communities.

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, British Columbians are spending more time outdoors, increasing the chances of human-wildlife conflict.

Budget meeting a bit of a bust

Budget meeting a bit of a bust

Tuesday’s night open house to unveil the city’s 2015 budget and five-year financial plan could be described in one word, according to Castlegar Mayor Lawrence Chernoff – “disappointing”.

He wasn’t speaking to the content of the meeting, for which he applauded city director of financial services Andre Buss, “The presentation was excellent”. His concern, rather, was with the dismal attendance – only about 20 people other than city councillors and staff showed up over the three-hour time frame.

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