Canada 150 CIP: Who Can Get a Grant?

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Monday night's Council meeting opened with the Council chamber packed and overflowing with hopeful Rosslanders keen to support their favorite idea to improve Rossland, and Mayor Kathy Moore welcomed everyone.


Rossland City Council

Our old Delegation Bylaw # 2473 from 2009, which is current but not in use, was drafted by then-CAO Victor Kumar and it boldly gave to the Chief Administrative Officer or  deputy  "all of the powers, duties and functions of Council under s.

Two Okanagan provincial parks renamed

There was a ceremony to rename Haynes Point and Okanagan Falls provincial parks. — Submitted photo

Environment Minister Mary Polak and Osoyoos Indian Band Chief Clarence Louie celebrated another step forward in their partnership agreement today announcing the official renaming of Haynes Point and Okanagan Falls provincial parks to the traditional First Nation nsyilxcen (Okanagan) place names.

The name changes are part of an agreement made between the Province and the Osoyoos Indian Band that also sees the Band managing the two parks and will see McIntyre Bluff officially renamed as well.

Trail and Warfield reach recreation and library agreement

Trail and Warfield reach recreation and library agreement

The City of Trail and the Village of Warfield are pleased to announce they have successfully negotiated and approved a 5.5-year (66 months) recreation and library services agreement that will take effect on July 1, 2015. Warfield will contribute $631,500 over the full term and the City will allocate 68 per cent of the funding to Trail recreation and 32 per cent towards library services.

Mandatory off-road-vehicle registration delayed

Mandatory off-road-vehicle registration delayed

Mandatory off-road vehicle registration is being deferred from June 1 to Nov. 1, 2015.

The extra time provides additional time for off-road users to prepare for the mandatory registration, while the regulatory details are finalized on both registration and safety.

Election Spending Rules in BC

Election Spending Rules in BC

"Don't mind the elephant in the room, we're redecorating."

When the B.C. government tabled its legislation to amend the Election Act in March, it was probably hoping no one would notice. They were in for a bit of a shock.

While much of the focus has been on the provision which would give political parties the names of each and every British Columbian who casts a ballot, the government is also proposing to do away with the pre-campaign period and the spending limits that apply to political parties within it.

BC Government makes surprise ALC announcement

B.C.’s Agricultural Land Commission has a new boss.

It's a move the was not welcomed by everyone — including Richard Bullock, the outspoken chair of B.C.’s Agricultural Land Commission who was terminated from his position by a phone call Thursday.

Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council has appointed Frank Leonard as new chair of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC).

Leonard is a former mayor of Saanich.

Bullock had been in the job for five years and his term wasn’t due to expire until November.

Our Electoral System is Crazy

Our Electoral System is Crazy

For an armchair political philosopher,  the first week of May 2015, with two melodramatic elections, one in Alberta and one in Great Britain, was an intoxicating week. These two elections provided a succinct demonstration of the ill-advised use of the first past the post (FPTP) electoral system. Originating in Britain as the Single Member Plurality (SMP) electoral system, it was first used in Nova Scotia in 1758. That was before the American and French revolutions, a time when the idea of women voting, much less heading a government, was unthinkable.

RANT: On nipples, nudity and nonsense. The naked truth

RANT: On nipples, nudity and nonsense. The naked truth

Ed Note: I should, by rights, accompany this article with a topless photo, not a head shot. But, ironically, I believe I would be imprisoned for doing so … even though we sexualize everything from orange juice to alcohol in every media ranging from newspapers (Sunshine girls), TV, radio, etc. We spend billions of dollars each year on porn mags, strippers and videos … but apparently, female nudity is only legally acceptable if it somehow denigrates and objectifies the women in question, not if it’s a healthy and honest expression of opposition and personal freedom. Seriously, THINK about that.

Signs of Change are Sweeping the Nation

Photo from David Suzuki Foundation

By David Suzuki

Recent events in Canada have shown not only that change is possible, but that people won’t stand for having corporate interests put before their own.

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