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Fright Night Returns

What is your deepest darkest fear? Heights? Speaking in public? Bah! Neither are that deep or that dark. Think of things that go bump in the night, lurk in closets or slither under beds. Dolls coming alive, cemeteries and medieval times: now you’re getting close to the inspiration behind Rossland Secondary School’s production of Fright Night.

Open from 5:00 to 9:00 pm Wednesday Oct 29th in the RSS Auditorium, Fright Night, organized by RSS’ drama students, makes its return after a one year absence.

Joe Hill Coffee House Hits Its Stride

Sunday night was the very well-attended second edition of the newly-resurrected Joe Hill Coffee House. While some who attended last time felt that the sets were a little too long, Sunday night’s offering struck the right balance and mostly kept it.

Telegraph Profile: Accidental Environmentalist Runs for Council

This week's all-candidates' meeting was a good introduction to the great majority of the candidates in this year's Rossland civic elections. One candidate, however, was not present at the meeting. "It was raining and I wasn't about to drive eight blocks. And if I'd walked, I'd have got soaked and had to use the clothes dryer," states 68 year old Lou Harmon who is running for councillor this fall. "And I wasn't about to do that either."

Movie Review: Redbelt

Recently my mother was watching a movie with two of her grandchildren. Bored after a half an hour, she asked them, ‘Do you like this movie?’ to which the grandchildren replied, ‘No, it’s terrible.’ Then they all kept on watching.

Book Review: Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me

by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson Reviewed by Sara Golling This gripping and delightful book abounds in “AHA!” moments. It should be required reading for all politicians, bureaucrats, civil servants, teachers, parents, children, members of boards of directors and all other decision-makers – in short, everyone. When you read it, you’ll quickly think of large numbers of people you know who would benefit from its wisdom.

Rosa Jordan to Launch New Novel: Telegraph Interview

Rossland writer Rosa Jordan has a new novel coming out this month. According to Jordan, Far From Botany Bay is “a historical novel based on the story of Mary Bryant, an 18th Century English woman who was convicted of theft and transported to the Australian penal colony popularly known as Botany Bay. After two years of near-starvation, Mary executed the most daring escape ever from that wild and brutal place on the far side of the world.”

Marilyn Bowering at the Rouge

It rained a lot on Thursday, but there was a beautiful sunset as night fell, albeit on the wrong side of the horizon. 'Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning,' a colleague puzzled, 'but red sky in the east....?' I'll assume the unusual sky was a good portent, announcing, as it did, the arrival of Marilyn Bowering in town despite the usual horrors of flying into Castlegar on anything other than a sunny August afternoon.

Elderberry Whining

It was raining yesterday when I went out picking elderberries. I’d had it in my brain all summer that, come fall, I was going to make myself a batch of elderberry wine. Why? I’m not sure, but I have my theories.

Joe Hill Coffeehouse Revival

This Sunday the Miner’s Hall will play host to a revival 20 plus years in the making as the Joe Hill Coffee House makes a return back to its original home. Designed after the original Joe Hill Coffee House series from the mid eighties, the Rossland Arts Council has backed Michael Gifford to once again provide a venue for amateur performers of all ages to ply their craft.
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