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by Damien Gillis on Saturday May 07 2011

An alliance of 23 animal rights and environmental groups in BC and across Canada is furious at the BC Liberal government's decision not to consult them regarding a new "wolf management plan" it is developing.

According to a press release from the Canadian Wolf Coalition, speaking on behalf of the alliance, "The groups are greatly concerned a new wolf management plan will only legitimize...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Thursday Apr 28 2011

Vancouver South Conservative candidate Wai Young is having a difficult campaign: she’s been criticised for attending a BC Khalsa school meeting, where she was endorsed by Air India bombing suspect Ripudaman Singh Malik; her own siblings are suing her in a family dispute over an inheritance; and, they’ve also announced they will not be voting for her.

And making matters worse, as the...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Monday Apr 18 2011

 There will be no excuse for anyone not to vote in the next provincial election, thanks to the NDP’s choice of Adrian Dix as its new leader. For years, how many times have we heard those who do not vote saying “They’re all the same.”? Well, not this time. 

Adrian Dix and Christy Clark are so different in so many ways, and so will be the constituencies they will appeal to in their...

by Contributor on Wednesday Apr 13 2011

While the wild days of the gold rush may be over, future miners are discovering there is still prosperity to be found in the WEST. Supported by more than $1.6 million from the Province, this year the Workforce Exploration Skills Training (WEST) program will give 58 participants the skills and training they need to fill the jobs that mining companies are looking to fill around B.C.


by Harvey Oberfeld on Wednesday Apr 13 2011

The mistake most people make in rating election debates is they assume all the candidates start as equals.  But unless they’re all neophites, that is simply not true: one is already the Prime Minister or Premier or Mayor--and it’s up to the others to knock him/her of the top perch.

It was a good debate, very civilized, but Harper did not fall.

I thought Gilles Duceppe had one of...

by Contributor on Tuesday Apr 05 2011

The re-negotiations of the federal-provincial-territorial health accord are on the horizon, and everyone is looking for a way to save money and improve health.  Sound impossible?  Why don’t we put our money where our mouth is?


It’s a strange truth of Canadian public policy: the care of our lips, tongues, and throats is fully covered by public funding, but not our teeth and...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Tuesday Apr 05 2011

Ask anyone who has lived under a dictatorship and they will tell you of its ugly features: A Supreme Leader who rules with an iron fist; legislation pushed through by a rubber stamp legislative assembly with little or closured debate; government officials ordered into silence or fearful of speaking up; and a press denied the right to even ask questions, let alone get any answers.


by Harvey Oberfeld on Saturday Apr 02 2011

There are lots of questions remaining about the BC Rail scandal…. the biggest being 'why did the Liberal government pick up the $6M defence lawyers' tab for two convicted criminals?'.


This week I had a chance to keep that question--and story-alive, by appearing on broadcaster Stirling Faux on-line business show This Week in Money.  Here’s the...

by Contributor on Thursday Mar 31 2011

New government data shows that more than 300 grizzly bears were killed in British Columbia last year, mostly as a result of trophy hunting.

Released by the David Suzuki Foundation at the start of B.C.’s spring bear hunt, official government records indicate 317 grizzlies died at the hands of humans in 2010. Almost four out of five of these deaths were attributed to the legal trophy...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Tuesday Mar 29 2011

Apppointed (not elected) Premier Christy Clark promised “change”. And as part of her honeymoon period in the public eye, the media has treaded rather softly in scrutinizing her early days in office.

She announced a raise in the minimum wage to be staged over time, but nevertheless welcomed by most British Columbians. Many were embarrassed by this rich province, with some of the highest...


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