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Sunday incident at Teck no cause for concern

An incident Sunday at Teck had Trail residents concerned and curious as to what was happening, leading to a variety of Facebook conversations speculating on the matter.

Teck’s Community Engagement Leader, Carol Vanelli Worosz, cleared up the matter with the Trail Champion.

“On Sunday, April 4, 2021 at approximately 9 p.m., there was an operating disruption at the No.1 Acid Plant, located on the west side of our property, that resulted in a short-duration release of sulphur gases to air,” Vanellie Worosz said.

“The incident was immediately reported to regulatory authorities. Air quality at community monitoring stations remained within the normal operating range and below permitted levels for sulphur dioxide and there is no ongoing safety risk.

“An investigation is being conducted into the cause of the incident. The rest of Trail Operations was not affected.”