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by Contributor on Tuesday May 01 2012

Dear Editor

Re:   20 year old Madison Scott still missing as anniversary date approaches
Unbelievably, my 20 year old niece, Madison Scott, remains missing after mysteriously disappearing on Saturday, May 28, 2011, from the Hogsback Lake forestry campsite 25 kms south of Vanderhoof, one hour west of Prince George. She was camping with a group of young people from...

by Contributor on Wednesday Apr 25 2012

Union members at the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia have voted 87 per cent in favour of job action, said the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 378 (COPE 378). The collective agreement expired in 2010 and the union and ICBC have been bargaining since January of 2011.

“The strength of this vote is a clear indication of the level of frustration felt by our...

by Contributor on Wednesday Apr 18 2012

30 year-old William Housty's powerhouse presentation to the National Energy Board's Enbridge hearings in his community of Bella Bella. William describes the history, language and culture of his people in fascinating detail - and how the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline and Tar Sands supertankers transiting the waters of his people's territory would destroy their traditional way of life. A...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Wednesday Apr 11 2012

Bob Dylan wrote the lyrics; Peter, Paul and Mary recorded it in the early 1960s and I, coming of age as a young civil rights supporter and believer,  always found the song "Blowin' In The Wind" as evocative, emotional and energizing as the fight for equality and social justice took hold in the U.S. and Canada, including the whole new awakening I witnessed in Quebec.

I was very proud to...

by IntegrityBC on Wednesday Apr 11 2012

IntegrityBC congratulates NDP leader Adrian Dix for renewing the BC NDP's call for a ban on corporate and union donations to political parties in the province. Dix is honouring the pledge that the NDP made in its 2009 platform.

Dix made the call during a media scrum last...

by Contributor on Monday Apr 02 2012

When the final tally is done on humanity’s many post-Industrial Revolution screw ups, it is likely that the top of the list will be: They let the bees die.

Consider this: According to a 2010 UN Environmental Programme report, some 100 crop species provide 90% of food worldwide. Nearly three quarters of these crops depend for their existence on pollination by bees.


by Contributor on Friday Mar 30 2012

The B.C. Supreme Court today told the BC Anesthesiologists’ Society its members cannot withdraw services from B.C. hospitals, at least not until after the judge rules on Apr. 20 on an injunction request from health authorities.

The decision means no elective procedures or surgeries will be postponed as previously expected, starting Monday, Apr. 2. All patients with scheduled...

by Contributor on Thursday Mar 29 2012

Dear Editor,

When the movie Avatar made its debut, it caught the hearts of people everywhere as they empathized with the Navi, a people whose world and way of life was threatened by the intrusion of a huge profit-focused corporation. What most fail to realize is the very same thing is happening right now - here in the real world, in our own country – in the West Chilcotin of interior...

by Michael Scott on Wednesday Mar 28 2012

On a soggy Monday afternoon, hundreds of people rallied against the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline from the tar sands in Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia. The protest was lead by the Heiltsuk people, whom proudly describe themselves as the care takers of their territorial lands and waters, in the Great Bear Rainforest on BC’s Central Coast.  

The rally began modestly at...

by Dermod Travis on Tuesday Mar 27 2012

They should have landed with a thud. But instead last week's financial filings by hundreds of candidates in B.C.'s 2011 municipal elections were met with matter-of-fact reporting or shrugs of indifference.

Yet, the tale they told couldn't have been sung better by Liza Minelli and Joel Grey in Cabaret if they had tried: “money makes the world go round,” or so it seemed in last...


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