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Regional News

By Mona Mattei on Monday Mar 01 2010

Eaters and producers are joining the Kettle Valley Food Co-operative around the Boundary region over the next few weeks. With funding support from the Co-operative Development Initiative, a granting program of the federal government delivered by the Canadian Co-operative Association, the newly formed Co-op is recruiting members and developing their initiatives for 2010. Information sessions being hosted as outreach by the Co-op, are assisting them to reach their goal of signing up 60 members by the end of March.

By Contributor on Monday Mar 01 2010

Trophy hunters are turning British Columbia’s protected areas into graveyards for grizzlies, despite the province’s reputation as one of the last continental safe havens for the bears, according to new research by the David Suzuki Foundation.

By Harvey Oberfeld on Thursday Feb 25 2010

 You may not like or agree with the B.C. government, but you have to give them credit for knowing and understanding how to deal with the current state of B.C. media. With the help of VANOC and the 2010 Olympic Games,  Premier Gordon Campbell and his ministers and government officials have had  the B.C. media right where they no doubt want them: mesmerized by Games fever.

By Mona Mattei on Thursday Feb 25 2010

Parents across the Boundary region are getting together to become a regular voice that the Board of Trustees of School District 51 will be hearing every month. In light of the actions of school boards across the province, and with the potential school closures on the agenda for next week’s board meeting in the Boundary, this voice is going to be a critical part of the future of the region’s schools.

By Contributor on Thursday Feb 25 2010

Raising Broilers: An easy way to fill your freezer and make extra money

The first thing I noticed when I moved to Grand Forks was the amount of land that everyone had. I grew up in Calgary where I could see what my neighbour was having for supper from my kitchen window. When we moved here I was trying to figure out how to make some extra money and saw an article on the agriculture society's website about raising chickens for meat birds.

By Rob Leggett on Wednesday Feb 24 2010

Shame on you Mr. Gordon Campbell!

By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Feb 24 2010

Photo by Kyra Hoggan: BC minister of Forests and Range Pat Bell, along with mayor Lawrence Chernoff and other industry stakeholders, pose in front of Castlegar trees while promoting new forestry initiatives.

In a public announcement made at the Castlegar Forum last Thursday, provincial forestry minister Pat Bell said he thinks innovative technologies like bio-energy just may be the silver bullet for the region's beseiged forestry sector.

By Contributor on Wednesday Feb 24 2010

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) is now accepting applications for its Youth Community Service Awards, valued at $2,000 and awarded based on volunteer community service rather than academic standing.

"We are particularly proud to be able to present these awards to youth, who have shown a commitment to volunteering in their communities, for them to use towards any post-secondary training or education," said Lynda Lafleur, CBT Community Liaison. "We believe in the difference youth can make in their communities by volunteering their time amidst busy academic or athletic schedules."

By Mona Mattei on Tuesday Feb 23 2010

Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor is going to an alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic, no, not in Vancouver or Victoria, in Cuba. Taylor leaves for Cuba on Feb. 28 for a ten-day tour of their world-renowned rehabilitation clinics in Holguin, 470 miles east of Havana. The clinic’s international reputation gave Taylor the idea that perhaps this service could be an opportunity for economic diversification in Grand Forks.

By Alex Atamanenko on Tuesday Feb 23 2010


The Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) program recently came to an end. By all accounts it was such a success that people are clamouring for the government to continue the credit for another year.  New Democrats agree, and are calling for the credit to be maintained and enhanced to promote energy-efficient, green technology for home improvements.