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By Alex Atamanenko on Tuesday Feb 23 2010


The Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) program recently came to an end. By all accounts it was such a success that people are clamouring for the government to continue the credit for another year.  New Democrats agree, and are calling for the credit to be maintained and enhanced to promote energy-efficient, green technology for home improvements. 

By Contributor on Monday Feb 22 2010

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) is pleased to announce that 19 local governments will be participating in the Columbia Basin Water Smart Initiative (Water Smart) to address water conservation in the region.

CBT is partnering with 17 municipalities and two regional districts to embark on this ambitious initiative to reduce community water use across the Basin by 20 per cent by 2015. Communities will determine their own local water conservation target that will contribute to the overall Basin-wide target.

By Contributor on Saturday Feb 20 2010

MLAs Katrine Conroy and Michelle Mungall have written a letter to the Minister of Health, Kevin Falcon, describing to him the concerns that area surgeons, anesthetists and operating room nurses have with the decision by the IHA to cut surgeries at Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital.

In their letter dated February 15, 2010, Conroy and Mungall described to the Minister that the KBRH serves 2 large regions and by shutting one of the operating rooms this puts patients at risk in both the East and West Kootenay Boundary regions.

By Contributor on Friday Feb 19 2010

The following is a press release from the Valhalla Wilderness Society

By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Feb 17 2010

Photo: Interfor vice president and chief forester Ric Slaco

Persistent rumours that Interfor's Castlegar mill is slated for re-opening have once again been denied by Interfor executives.

Interfor vice president and chief forester Ric Slaco told The Source today that, while the company very much wants to see the Castlegar mill up and running, market conditions are not yet to a point that would make re-opening an option.

By Rob Leggett on Wednesday Feb 17 2010

It seems that, on Feb. 8, School District 20 (SD20) has opted to remove the controversial Planning for the Future Part 2, much to the relief of the parents who were concerned of the school closures.

By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Feb 10 2010

Photo by Kyra Hoggan: The traffic coming towards the camera will, in seconds, be hidden from view by the sign in the foreground. This photo was taken from the approximate spot a driver would stop before turning left onto Highway 22 from Minto Road.

A new twist has arisen in the controversy regarding Castlegar's 'Million-dollar alley', as residents come forward with safety concerns beyond merely the issue of speed limits.

By Rob Leggett on Wednesday Jan 27 2010

If Haiti wasn’t an unsuccessful nation before the earthquake, it most certainly is one now, prior to the terrible event of Jan. 12 that left Haiti in a pile of rubble, the tiny country was not much better off.

Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, boasts of only having 52 per cent of its population that can read, more than two-thirds of whom do not have a formal job and 80 per cent of whom live below the poverty line.

By Mona Mattei on Thursday Jan 21 2010

A legal precedent decided in Ontario yesterday, Jan. 20, sets the stage for battle in B.C. between the health authorities and raw milk advocates. In Ontario, Michael Schmidt of Glencolton Farms, was acquitted of 19 charges of distributing unpasteurized milk. Meanwhile, in B.C., an illness reported in early January to the Fraser Health Authority has brought a cow-share, Home on the Range, in the Fraser Valley under scrutiny. They are now facing an injunction against them for distributing raw milk.

By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Jan 20 2010

The limelight at city council's first meeting of 2010 was focussed, not on city issues, but on the School District 20 (SD 20) instead.

The SD 20 board has been seeking public input on its plans to cope with an anticipated $4-million budget shortfall, due to declining enrolment, in its document Planning for the Future.

City council members came under fire during Question Period at their regular meeting Monday night, as residents expressed disappointment in the city's response to SD 20 plans.