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By Contributor on Sunday Sep 12 2010

With FortisBC as a partner, Roxul Inc. recently upgraded its Grand Forks manufacturing plant with new energy efficient equipment, saving thousands of dollars in electricity costs annually.

By Alex Atamanenko on Friday Sep 10 2010

The current Bill C-391 to abolish the gun registry appears to be receiving a lot of media attention these days. The Conservative government is cranking up its publicity campaign to abolish the registry, pitting different regions of the country against each other. If we were to look at how this is playing out in the media, it would appear that this is the number one issue of concern to Canadians. 

I believe there are many more important matters for Parliament to tackle rather than spending so much energy on firearms registration. 

By Contributor on Friday Sep 10 2010

David Suzuki will be engaging audiences in the West Kootenay this September with a thought-provoking talk about an elder’s vision for our sustainable future.

The Irving K. Barber lecture featuring David Suzuki is part of Selkirk College’s Mir Centre for Peace Lecture Series. The presentation is founded on his recent book THE LEGACY that is a culmination of his knowledge and wisdom and his legacy foar generations to come.

By Contributor on Friday Sep 10 2010

Kristopher Ede from Invermere takes the prize for the SCRATCH Writing Challenge Readers’ Choice Award. The 18-year-old won this portion of the creative writing challenge, put on by Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), with his short story “the girl with the plastic pirate hat and the boy who loved her so.” Ede’s story earned 29 per cent of readers’ votes, and will receive a $300 bookstore gift certificate.

By Contributor on Wednesday Sep 08 2010

Selkirk College’s Trail campus is expanding its services and course
offerings for the greater Trail community. In addition to being the home of long-standing programs such as Advanced Medical Transcription, Adult Basic Education and Nursing Unit Clerk, the college will now be adding more Continuing Education opportunities. 

By Harvey Oberfeld on Tuesday Sep 07 2010

[Editor's note: Part one of Mr. Oberfeld's column should be right below this one. I decided to print the two simultaneously as this is an important issue and one that will only become more and more urgent as corporate newspapers struggle to survive in an age of declining revenues]

It’s no secret that, to any branch of the news media, the availability of information is critical: whether voluntarily provided; deliberately revealed; earnestly sought out or inadvertently discovered. 


By Harvey Oberfeld on Tuesday Sep 07 2010

How do you tell the difference between journalism today and prostitution?  Hmmm... 


Sorry: it’s not a joke; there is no punchline; it’s only a question I’ve been asking myself since reading the ”major”  Vancouver  newspapers last weekend.

Saturday Aug. 28 on page A-16 in The Vancouver Sun there were two captivating stories: the first,  topped by a full page headline entitled “A new revolution in home entertainment”; and,  the second, another piece entitled “Impact of PVRs on commercial TV expected to grow as time-shifting increases”.

By Harvey Oberfeld on Saturday Sep 04 2010

It’s actually hard not to laugh! But really, we should be crying.


Finance Minister Colin Hansen stood before the cameras this week and told British Columbians he had no idea his own Finance Ministry officials were holding extensive discussions with federal counterparts in Ottawa on the HST in March, 2009 … a few months before the provincial election.

“I was actually surprised when I read through this just how much back and forth there is at the officials level,” Hansen told reporters Wednesday.

By Contributor on Wednesday Sep 01 2010

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) invites Basin youth ages 15-29 to sign up now for CURRENTS: Columbia Basin Trust Youth Water Forum 2010, being held at Halcyon Hot Springs in Nakusp, September 24-26, 2010. 

By Murray Dobbin on Tuesday Aug 31 2010

 As we head into a new political season it looks depressingly like the old: a stand-off between the malignant minority government of Stephen Harper and the seriously diminished Liberal Party and its hapless leader Michael Ignatieff. Both these parties and their leaders are so off the mark in terms of what Canadians want and need that they can't even break through the 30 per cent support mark. Harper seems to have written off Quebec -- a typically petulant response to that province's stubborn attraction to social democracy.