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By Murray Dobbin on Wednesday Nov 10 2010

For those considering issue triage — picking five or six issues to focus on — in the fight to rid the country of the current government, one area that is critical to the outcome is exposing the Harper government’s construction of the national security state.


By Donovan Hoggan on Wednesday Nov 10 2010

 Dark Reading ( has a list of their "Top Four Social Engineers of All Time". These are people who have become experts at conning other people. Two, Kevin David Mitnick and Frank Abagnale, have criminal pasts. Frank Abagnale was the subject of the movie Catch me if You Can. The third is a consultant who simulates criminal attacks so that companies can shore up their security.

By Nelson Daily Editor on Wednesday Nov 10 2010

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

Everyone builds affinity for the place they live in.

Some take it one step further than calling themselves “from” a place, however.

That step is the basis of newly minted Nelsonite Ryan Oakley’s Nelson Walking Audio Tour, a vocally-guided jaunt through the place the engineer-by-day and entrepreneur-by-night now calls home.

By Mona Mattei on Tuesday Nov 09 2010
Parents of missing 24-year-old Australian Owen Rooney filed a complaint with Interior Health Authority questioning the adequacy of his care and the hospital’s risk management of the situation while RCMP continue their efforts to locate the man.
RCMP released video footage today to once again ask the public for help to find Rooney who has been missing for nearly three months and was last seen in Grand Forks, B.C..
By Teralee Trommeshauser on Tuesday Nov 09 2010

So there’s probably more than three things you should have every day, but for the well-being of those who are easily overwhelmed, let’s keep it simple. 

By Alex Atamanenko on Tuesday Nov 09 2010

The pretty village of Kaslo on Kootenay Lake has a population of less than 2,000 and one licensed daycare, the Periwinkle Children’s Centre. The centre has a long history in the community and also a long history of the same problems repeating themselves.  Sarah Lawless, chair of the board of directors for the non-profit centre, calls this situation “the Periwinkle Curse.”

By Contributor on Monday Nov 08 2010

The Selkirk Saints men’s and women’s volleyball teams will not be playing in the British Columbia Colleges’ Athletic Association (BCCAA) league this year, but will undertake an exhibition season in preparation for a stronger, revitalized program in 2011-2012.

The Selkirk College Men’s Volleyball program has experienced some challenges to start the 2010-11 season. Some of the student-athletes on the men’s team could not commit to the BCCAA league schedule and as such, the team did not have enough players to adequately fulfill league requirements.

By Nelson Daily Editor on Sunday Nov 07 2010

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

An injunction to prevent the Sinixt Nation from protesting logging on Perry Ridge in the Slocan Valley has been denied by the B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver late Friday.

Kaslo’s Sunshine Logging appeared before the court Nov. 5 on “a short leave injunction application to have the blockage removed,” while the Sinixt appeared with counsel in Vancouver to resist the application. 

By Mona Mattei on Sunday Nov 07 2010
A city council decision to cut over $30,000 in funding will have a devastating impact on the ability of the Grand Forks Art Gallery to operate. Although the reduction is not in effect until January 2011, the Gallery will need to start taking steps immediately to address the change, said President Robert Morton.
“This motion was a surprise to us,” said Morton. “We’re very concerned because this is significant.
By Kyra Hoggan on Saturday Nov 06 2010

 The official results are not yet in, but the preliminary ballots show such a resounding “no” vote that no other finale is a possibility in today's $25-million recreation referendum in Castlegar.