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By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Apr 07 2010

Since when did 'Facebook-ing' become a verb?

It's amazing how quickly we can change or shift our societal lexicon – I was genuinely creeped out and, frankly, slightly offended the first time someone told me he had 'Googled' me – now I think nothing of being Googled, Facebooked or Tweeted...or of doing same to others (my Grandma's going to read this and think I've joined a cult or am sniffing my son's felt pens or something).

It's a brave new world, indeed.

By Contributor on Tuesday Apr 06 2010

Spring is in the air and the earth is waking up! On Friday, Apr. 9 the Grand Forks & Boundary Regional Agricultural Society invites you to join them in their spring celebrations complete with a chicken splat contest!

The society is thriving and leading a variety of projects in the Boundary region such as: the Community Gardens Project, Seed Bank, Senior Boundary Growers, Poultry Project, and Mobile Abattoir Project to name only a few.This celebration is a way to find out what they are doing and learn a bit about agriculture in the Boundary.

By Mona Mattei on Thursday Apr 01 2010

At the last meeting of the Grand Forks deer committee the city and conservation officers acted swiftly in response to citizens’ deer complaints. A group of five community residents came to the committee meeting to raise the alarm over the deer in City Park. Their complaints were heard, and by the end of the meeting council and the conservation officer had a plan to respond.

“We just couldn’t take it anymore,” said Rosita Carlyle. “We used to enjoy our walks around City Park with our small dog Stubbs, but the deer were making it impossible. Someone had to take action!”

By Rob Leggett on Wednesday Mar 31 2010

A strong democracy calls for .... no, demands ... that dissenting voices, however objectionable, be heard.

I believe it is more important to listen to those with whom we disagree, even fervently disagree, than to take false reassurance from those who confirm our own particular foregone conclusions

Those of us who insist on the value of freedom of speech are willing to contend with those who ridicule, use ad hominem attacks, foul language and promote asinine opinions, all of which are not crimes, no matter how unsavory we may find them.

By Contributor on Tuesday Mar 30 2010

People across the Interior Health region have been able to get outdoors earlier than usual this year to enjoy the warm weather, and this means an increased chance of getting tick bites when hiking or biking in tall grass or wooded areas. Ticks are small bugs that bite and feed on the blood of humans and animals and these bites can sometimes transmit disease.

By Contributor on Thursday Mar 25 2010

The Kettle River and a remote northern area widely known as the “sacred headwaters” have tied for top spot on British Columbia’s most endangered rivers list for 2010. The Kettle River, which runs through B.C.’s southern interior Boundary region and through the towns of Midway, Rock Creek and Grand Forks, was upgraded this week from it's number two spot in 2009 in a report by the Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C.

By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Mar 24 2010

Though few people (just under 20) attended the special meeting of council Monday night , it offered some interesting developments.

An agreement between Celgar and the City of Castlegar was signed, Celgar manager Al Hitzroth offered a presentation describing the necessity of the deal, and one councillor voted in opposition to the agreement, the budget and the five-year financial plan.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) featured five key points of accord:

By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Mar 24 2010

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook today (yes, alright, I finally broke down last fall and got an FB account – it seemed wrong to continue my technophobe status after opening a web-based media outlet – and now I'll end up one of the pathetic select seeking help to cope with a Facebook games/Farmville addiction. Yikes!). Anyway, her posting was about spring being a time of renewal and fresh starts.

I couldn't agree more ...but there's something to be said for bringing in the old with the new.

By Bernadette Fuhrmann on Monday Mar 22 2010

As the curtain began to part in constructing the stage for the 2010 Winter Olympics, much of Vancouver began to experience a monumental economic transformation while the Downtown Eastside remained a harsh reality of the city’s social and urban poverty crisis. The significant governmental efforts that had been made to provide temporary shelters for those living on the streets, unfortunately, did not furnish a long-term solution to the swelling homelessness crises.

By Contributor on Sunday Mar 21 2010

A new project focused on food security for seniors starts this season - the Senior Boundary Growers is a way for the elders of the Boundary communities to help preserve valuable agricultural heritage. With funding from New Horizons for Seniors program under the federal government; the Grand Forks and Boundary Regional Agricultural Society is partnering with local groups to encourage seniors to share their knowledge and abilities within their communities.