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The Rossland Telegraph: A Full Service Paper for a Full Service City

Rossland has always been a vibrant place to live and visit, but for too long it has been a city without a newspaper that reflects the full spectrum of life we lead, from the bottom of the golf course right up to the peak of Red Mountain. Why a new paper? Simply put: people need to know. They need to know what’s going on in the news, both locally and globally. They need to know where to find a good meal or a deal on a new lawnmower, when a great band is coming to town, or when there’s a poker night at the Legion or a tea at the United Church. They need a forum to express their views on the issues of the day. They need to know what the artists and the athletes are up to and what there is for their kids to do on the weekend. People need to know. News, culture, entertainment, public forums: all these aspects of a full service paper can help to bind the life of a city together. The Rossland Telegraph is going to be that paper. We pledge both unbiased reporting on our often stormy political life as well as honest, unflinching editorials. We promise balance. If we take one side on an issue, we’ll give equal space to the other if someone steps up to the plate and speaks for it: this is a small town and care has to be taken that all sides are heard from, that no voices are excluded or marginalized. We pledge to promote and help nurture local talent and local culture, to proudly display the best of what we have to our neighbours and to our guests. We also pledge to do our best to be intelligent, thought-provoking, amusing and even, occasionally, controversial. Does that list of qualities sound familiar? It sounds like Rossland to us.
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