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by Rossland Telegraph on Tuesday Jul 23 2019

The costumed cast of the 2019 Gold Fever Follies posed with members of the Rossland branch of the Nelson & District Credit Union staff in front of the NDCU’s Rossland branch, in appreciation of a generous financial donation from the credit union to help support this Rossland summertime tradition. 

by Charles Jeanes on Monday Jul 22 2019

What is your “Philosophy of Life?”

by Canadian Centre... on Sunday Jul 21 2019

In nearly every neighbourhood, in all parts of Canada, the hourly wage needed to afford an apartment rental is far above minimum wages and rising quickly, according to a new study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). 

by aeon on Wednesday Jul 17 2019

By Richard G. Stevens; from Aeon

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Jul 16 2019

Climate protection is not a partisan issue

by Letters to the ... on Sunday Jul 14 2019

To The Editor:

Wish: federal parties' political hierarchies take first steps towards a cross-party climate ”war cabinet”, as suggested in the Green Party’s "Mission Possible”.

by John Horgan on Thursday Jul 11 2019

When I think about what child care means for families in B.C., I think of all the patchwork calendars stuck to fridges across the province telling the child care story of each household. The mother-in-law, the uncle and the best friend are on deck this week, and dad will have to leave work early next week. It’s a puzzle of names, dates and times that only the family can understand.

by Castlegar Source on Thursday Jul 11 2019

Betty was very quick of wit, usually quite agreeable and very funny.  She was gentle, accepting, and supportive and she rarely took crap from anyone.  She always had a ready response.   

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Jul 10 2019

The rush to exploit and sell fossil fuels as quickly as possible before the reality of climate disruption becomes too great to deny or ignore has generated some Orwellian rationalizations. Somehow a bitumen pipeline has become part of Canada’s plan to tackle the climate crisis. Another fossil fuel, fracked gas, is being touted as a climate solution.

by Letters to the ... on Tuesday Jul 09 2019

To The Editor:

I recently heard the difficulties of corner stores are experiencing in our city — some unable to keep doors open due to lack of business. 

Is it cost of goods or availability of product or the lack of information to the surrounding blocks of the availability of service?