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by Letters to the ... on Monday Jan 21 2019

To The Editor:

At the January 7 city council meeting, the Nelson City administration recommended to councillors that recycling rates remain the same. They then casually tacked on a resolution to not participate in the RDCK’s regional composting plan. And asked councillors to vote.

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Jan 16 2019

Warning:  this editorial may contain triggers for individuals who are highly sensitive about being asked to consider the unintended consequences of their habits, and maybe also their sense of entitlement and self-importance, if they have those in any inflated measure.

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Jan 15 2019

Recent controversy over a natural gas pipeline blockade and the differing priorities of hereditary chiefs and elected band councillors illustrates a fundamental problem with our systems of governance and economics.

by Contributor on Thursday Jan 10 2019

The mineral exploration and mining sector has long provided good middle class jobs for Canadians. Across the country, Canada’s mining sector directly and indirectly employs 634,000 Canadians, including over 30,000 in British Columbia alone. These jobs are critical for supporting our strong economy and communities throughout Canada.

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Jan 09 2019

Global warming isn’t a partisan issue — or it shouldn’t be. The many experts issuing dire warnings about the implications of climate disruption work under political systems ranging from liberal democracies to autocratic dictatorships, for institutions including the U.S.

by Charles Jeanes on Wednesday Jan 09 2019

Introduction: last year of our Second twenty-first-century Decade (!)

Year-end and year-start reviews can be an occasion for melancholy or celebration, and yet I personally feel neither. Mostly I feel astounded to find myself 19 years into the twenty-first century, and the third millennium, when it seems not so long ago that the pregnant year 2000 was sprung upon us.

by Dick Cannings MP on Monday Jan 07 2019

We’ve heard a lot in the news lately about the challenges facing the oil sector, but much less about the serious problems confronting another natural resource industry—forestry.

by Letters to the ... on Friday Jan 04 2019

Dear Editor:  We just had a direct democracy referendum on the issue of electoral reform.
How much more democractic (the will of the people)  can  we get.  The issuewas decided by the plebians  not the aristocracy, not judges, not political parties and not politicians.

by Dick Cannings MP on Friday Jan 04 2019

In this coldest time of the year, we often think of the people in our area who are homeless.  Some have ended up on the streets and in rough camps because of mental health issues, addictions, or a combination of the two.  Some are children fleeing abusive parents or women fleeing abusive spouses; others have become disabled.  And many have ended up homeless simply because they lost their job, a

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Jan 02 2019

Canadians have not managed to forge a route to electoral reform yet, federally or provincially – despite at least 17 reports over the years, starting in 1923, all of which have recommended some form of proportional representation.  For a list, with brief explanations and the outcomes, click this link