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Welcome to the Sentinel!

Many of you readers will recognize me from the last two years as one of the reporters for the Grand Forks Gazette, and others will be new to my work. I’m glad you chose to take the time to check us out!

I have been exploring the opportunities to write on the net for a few months now. Options are wide open – literally – and I’ve considered everything from managing web site content for a web magazine in Las Vegas to writing for the International, a United Nations based magazine. Then I was introduced to the Castlegar Source, edited by Kyra Hoggan whom some of you know from her days in Grand Forks journalism as well, and I was hooked. A local source of online news. Perfect.

One of the single most important developments in the last century has been the Internet. It has over-turned old beliefs and opened up cost-effective ways to attract and keep customers through electronic commerce. Companies can compete in a global market that is information-based and electronically mediated.

There has certainly been a growing trend of local businesses that no longer rely on local customers alone to survive. Unconventional jobs are becoming more common, such as telecommuting, and the mass media is starting to fragment into a multitude of smaller communities. People are looking for a variety of voices to understand the happenings in the world around them, and they are no longer satisfied with receiving information from just one source.

For the Boundary Sentinel, and the entire Lone Sheep Publications family, providing quality journalism, interaction with our readers, and environmentally friendly products are the key aims.

So, to be able to provide our communities with the information they want 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Boundary Sentinel is stepping into the global market. This means is that we are able to give you the breaking news and insight into controversies of the day for free! Best of all with no print copy the Sentinel is truly a green news medium.

What’s new about the Sentinel? Well, as your new online, fully-interactive paper that offers constantly updated content, the Sentinel will be covering the Boundary region’s sports, news, arts, and culture with our voice and yours. And yes, we do mean the Boundary! We are committed to covering the region, not just east of Eholt!

You can make your voice heard by commenting on the issues of the moment or participating in our polls. Or you can choose to enhance our vibrant community by engaging in ongoing dialogues, write your own blog, or host a group conversation.
As editor of our site, I am committed to ensuring a number of voices are heard in our coverage of the area and I encourage all of you to send me ideas, stories, or just keep on reading!

If you received this as a newsletter you have either asked to be included or someone thought you would be interested. Please feel free to share the site with any of your friends and family!