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Teck Trail describes Covid-19 protocols and precautions in place

After having an employee confirmed to have Covid-19, Teck Trail is reassuring their employees and the larger community that they are working very hard to stop the spread of the virus, and are taking many precautions during this pandemic. They issued the following statement on Sept. 18:

The global health crisis posed by COVID-19 is unlike anything previously faced by companies, families, and communities. The scope and severity of this pandemic requires all of us to step up and do our part.

At Teck Trail Operations, our core value is protecting the health and safety of our employees and their families, and the community.

We are closely monitoring guidance from public health agencies and government, and continue to work with our union partners implementing comprehensive measures in response to COVID-19 including:

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols;
  • Restricting the number of people in plant control rooms and other key areas to support physical distancing;
  • Educating our employees about COVID-19 risk and controls, implementing the use of physical barriers and/or personal protective equipment in cases where physical distancing is difficult;
  • Installing signage of our COVID-19 protocols, and routinely monitoring for compliance to the protocols through safety observations and audits;
  • Reducing the number of workers on site, with roughly 33% of our employees working remotely and staggered shifts onsite; and,
  • Employees on site are asked to continuously self-monitor for symptoms and are asked to stay home and isolate from others if they have symptoms or are in close contact with someone with symptoms.

Trail Operations produces a number of products that are used directly in essential applications such as production of medical equipment, including instrument panels, thermal scan thermometers, food sterilization, and municipal water treatment processes.

We are focussed on maintaining jobs and economic activity, while following extensive COVID-19 protocols as we continue to provide essential products.