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Seniors invited to share their gardening knowledge

A new project focused on food security for seniors starts this season - the Senior Boundary Growers is a way for the elders of the Boundary communities to help preserve valuable agricultural heritage. With funding from New Horizons for Seniors program under the federal government; the Grand Forks and Boundary Regional Agricultural Society is partnering with local groups to encourage seniors to share their knowledge and abilities within their communities.

"Much valuable information is being lost and this program is focused on recording this lore for generations to come," said Doug Zorn, president of the society. "Whether it's when or where to plant, how to store food, what varieties to grow, or any other local remedies passed down, the Agricultural Society would like to help our communities preserve that knowledge."

The program also will be hosting monthly lunches of locally grown food for socializing, activities for those more athletic folks looking for a challenge, and an opportunity for gardening seniors to help provide meals for those who can't grow food themselves. There will be speakers of interest and a great chance for everyone to learn together how to make sure good food is available to everybody.

If you are a senior grower and live in the Boundary you can help by planting an extra row, sharing stories and recipes, canning techniques, experienced advice and much more.

In the next months a series of presentations will be held in communities throughout the region. The first of which will be at 12:00 p.m. on Mar. 26 at the Rock Creek Medical building. A speaker from UBC Okanogan will be there to share information on senior issues. If you would like to join in the activities, or need more information please contact: Doug Zorn 250-442-3359, Vivien Browne 250-446-2086, or Erika Tafel 250-446-2156.