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Scooter ride leads to multiple charges

Grand Forks said the 55-year-old Grand Forks man was seen operating his motorized scooter on Market Avenue in the downtown core.

A Grand Forks resident will be getting his steps in as his motorized scooter has been impounded and he’s facing multiple charges under the Motor Vehicle Act.

On Wednesday, January 18th just after 11 a.m., a 55-year-old Grand Forks man was seen operating his motorized scooter on Market Avenue in the downtown core.

The officer examined the scooter and determined it did not meet the requirements for a Motor Assisted Cycle (MAC), also known as E-Bike, rather it fell under the requirements of a Limited Speed Motorcycle (LSM). As an LSM, the scooter needs to be registered and insured and the operator needs to have a valid Driver’s License.

The Operator of the LSM was given Violation Tickets for No Insurance and No Driver’s License. In addition, as his driver’s license was both suspended and prohibited under the Motor Vehicle Act. he was given a court date in March to answer to those offences.

E-Bikes and motorized scooters are becoming more popular, however there is a difference between the two.

The MAC or E-Bike commonly has the look of a pedal bike and the motor attached simply assists the cyclist when they are pedalling. When the cyclist stops pedalling, the motor shuts off or disengages.

Many scooters may have pedals, however, if the motor does not disengage or turn off when the pedalling is stopped, then it is likely a LSM. There are a few other differences as well that the officer can look for in determining its classification.

MAC operators do not need their bike registered or insured and operators do not need to have a Driver’s License. They simply need to be 16 years of age or older and wear a bike helmet. For LSM, these scooters need to be registered and insured, the operator must have a valid Driver’s License and they must wear a motorcycle helmet.

“Police are always committed to road safety, and part of that is ensuring only proper vehicles and bikes are on the roadway and that they are being operated accordingly,” said Grand Forks Detachment Commander Sergeant Darryl Peppler. 

“This spring, as we start to see more bikes and scooters on our roadways, we will be teaming up with the BC Highway Patrol for an education blitz.”