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RDKB Information Bulletin: More sand, sandbags available in the Boundary

Crews set up Tiger Dams to protect from potential flooding along Riverside Drive in Grand Forks. — RDKB photo

Sand and Sandbags

  • Additional sand and sandbags are now available across the region, with three more pickup locations added - one each for Midway and Christina Lake residents, and a third site in downtown Grand Forks. Sand and sandbags for protecting structures in low-lying areas are now available at the following locations:
  1. Midway Public works yard and in between the Midway Arena and Curling Rink
  2. Christina Lake Fire Hall
  3. Beaverdell behind the Fire Hall
  4. Westbridge Hall
  5. Riverside Centre in Rock Creek
  6. Grand Forks Arena
  7. Grand Forks Credit Union
  • Residents must bring their own tools and equipment (shovels, transportation) and respect a physical distance of two metres (six feet) between workers as they fill sandbags.
  • Sandbags are available for protecting homes and structures at risk of flooding, not for constructing flood protection works for properties. Neither the RDKB nor the Province of BC will pay for sand ordered and delivered privately to any property in the region.

Flood Protection Works near Grand Forks

  • The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and the City of Grand Forks will work together with flood protection experts, BC Wildfire crews and City of Grand Forks crews to install temporary flood protection works in the City of Grand Forks and Area D / Rural Grand Forks.
  • These works include Tiger Dams™ (large, tubular bladders ready to be filled with water) and earthen berms.
  • Flood protection works will be installed in these locations, and are subject to change as conditions develop on May 30and31:
  1. Downtown Riverside Drive and 72nd Ave.
  2. 68th from industrial bridge to Interfor
  3. Granby road
  4. Riverside
  5. South Ruckle
  6. East Side businesses○19thStreet
  7. Beatrice Street
  • Stay well clear of any ongoing flood protection activities and to expect traffic disruptions or changes.

Saddle Lake Dam Spillway

  • With the forecasted rain, residents can expect to see an increase in flow in the streams associated with the new Saddle Lake Dam Spillway above Grand Forks.
  • Stay clear of the spillway and avoid crossing it until Tuesday, June 2 at the earliest due to the risk from rapidly changing flows.
  • The RDKB will closely monitor the spillway throughout the weekend.

Be Prepared

The RDKB will continue to update the public as new information is available.