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Police warn parents about possible flasher in the area


Police are warning local parents to take extra precautions in supervising their children at parks and playgrounds, after an incident last Friday.
"The Nelson Police Department is investigating an incident involving an adult male who indecently exposed himself to a seven-year-old girl on July 2 at the Nelson Community Complex," said Sgt. Howie Grant. "Witnesses described the suspect as being 55 to 65 years of age; six feet tall with a slim build. He has grey, wavy hair and deep wrinkles in his cheek bones.
"At the time the suspect was wearing a jean jacket and jeans. A person of interest has been identified, but police have yet to locate this individual."
He said Nelson Community Complex staff members have been vigilant in assisting with the investigation and have notified police of any suspicious people attending the facility.  Community centers in Trail and Castlegar have also been notified.
"At this time, the Nelson Police Dept cannot be sure that this is an isolated incident and are warning parents to take extra precautions with their children at parks or playgrounds," he added.

The general public is encouraged to contact police if they observe anyone behaving in a suspicious manner near children.