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Letters to the Editor

by Contributor on 17 January 2011 - 3:48pm

 Dear Editor:

The Canadian Cancer Society BC and Yukon is calling on the BC government and Liberal leadership candidates to support smokers who wish to quit by providing funding for nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) for those British Columbia smokers trying to quit. 
by Laurie Charlton on 10 January 2011 - 2:32pm

City staff are giving away City property and Rossland Council is doing  nothing about it.

In October 2010, a building permit was issued for the construction of a  garage in the 1900 block of Second Ave.  The problem is the garage is being  built so that it crosses the property line and encroaches about 7 feet onto  the City’s road allowance.

When asked why a building...

by Contributor on 9 January 2011 - 8:15pm

 Dear Editor, 

This letter is in response to (a series of articles and commentary in local media, inlcuding a letter written by Roland Vogel).

Mr. Vogel, as far as I am aware, appears to be the voice of people in the Glenmerry area. He is fairly representative of the views of Trail concerning Trail’s place amongst our local communities. I will not respond to the various partial...

by Contributor on 22 December 2010 - 7:50am

Dear Editor; 

There has been much anger aimed at the board of School District 20 over the passing of the motion to postpone the Planning for the Future public consultation meetings that were scheduled to take place in January.
Our understanding is that at the next meeting of the board, probably in January, the board will work out a new schedule of public...
by Contributor on 21 December 2010 - 8:40am

Dear editor,

Congratulations to both the Rossland Learning Centre Project and to the Nelson Skate Park project for making it to the finalist stage of the Aviva Community Fund Competition. Good luck in the finals. 

 Over the last few weeks I have received several requests a day to vote in this competition. The initial requests came from Rossland. I did start...
by Andre Carrel on 21 December 2010 - 7:51am

In his essay “Propaganda and Demotic Speech” (1944) George Orwell lamented “the bloodless dialect of Government” and the “inflated bombastic style” with which newspapers report on governments. Orwell held out the hope that “someday we may have a genuinely democratic government, a government which will want to tell people what is happening, and what must be done next, and what sacrifices are...

by Contributor on 17 December 2010 - 2:21pm
To: Honourable Margaret MacDiarmid - Minister of Education
Since September 2008, S.D.20 (Kootenay-Columbia) engaged its staff and communities in a Planning for the Future process to determine how best to use its facilities in order to ensure that maximum funds flow to classrooms and educational programs. Educational priorities have always been our main concerns...
by Ken Holmes on 30 November 2010 - 1:54pm
Re. your story about the ‘near record-setting disagreement’ over the Regional sewage system. You say that the Liquid Waste Management Plan has been stalled at Phase 1 since the service review was called by Trail over a year ago.
If a record is to be claimed I think that it’s important to get the facts right. The process has been stalled for three...
by Contributor on 17 November 2010 - 10:21am

As many Rosslanders know we are being charged a higher rate to use all City of Trail, Trail Parks and Recreation programs and facilities. I am one of many concerned and frustrated people (mother) who would like to use at least a couple of the facilities in Trail without being charged double every time I go. Yes, I believe Trail is hurting themselves but I also believe this situation is hurting...

by Contributor on 18 October 2010 - 1:28pm

In the light of the recent outcry regarding the murder of the mother bear and her two cubs in Castlegar that happened to be in a tree that was too close to so called civilization I would like to address humans need to control everything out of fear which shows up many times as cruelty to life around us.

Humans have this bizarre belief that we are the most evolved species...