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Letter: Truck Loggers call on BC Government to take leadership role to solve Old Growth Forest dispute

To The Editor:

For many years and more so in recent months, the BC Truck Loggers Association has called for a collective vision for forestry in our province. Earlier this month, we renewed the call and asked the BC government to facilitate the way forward, as a matter of urgency.

Forestry has been at the forefront of media attention for the last several months in many areas of the province, including Nelson where a recent protest focused on old growth forests.

While I can appreciate the passion of all involved, if we truly and collectively want the sector to prosper, there are solutions to address government and societies’ expectations of BC’s Forest management.

However, this requires meaningful collaboration, decision-making that is informed by a true understanding of the issues, and the consequences affecting the livelihood of BC’s Forest workers and resource communities dependent on its success for their ongoing sustainability. 

Current government data states there are 13.7 million hectares of old growth trees in British Columbia, of which 10 million hectares are protected from harvesting because they lie outside of the timber supply area or are protected in parks. In other words, we will never run out of old growth.

It is also important to note that each year, less than 1/3 of 1% of British Columbia’s total forest area is harvested – and only .1% of the total forest area harvested in British Columbia is old growth forest. 

Unfortunately, people are talking at each other and not to each other - and government needs to initiate truly constructive and collaborative attempts to strike a balance.

The vision will not come about through any singular one of the vested interests, including the TLA, forest licensees, non-government organizations, First Nations, or community groups.

That is why we are once again, calling on the Premier and Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development to take a leadership role by bringing all key stakeholder groups together - in a real, thoughtful, and collaborative manner.

It’s time for a solution and a clear vision - but the BC government needs to lead the way through collaboration, not in isolation.

Bob Brash, Executive Director - Truck Loggers Association of BC