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Letter: Time to fix what we've broken

To The Editor:

The CBC news article (Climate Change cost for BC) referenced studies that suggested Climate Change could cost Canada billions of dollars by 2020.  Much of this anticipated cost included infra-structure repair and dealing with food accessibility that has been compromised due to climate change in areas where we currently source food.  The consequences of climate change are indeed adding costs on top of all the other financial issues that stress the demands on the fiscal budgets of all levels of government.

What we are experiencing is the increased cost attached to having done very little in the past to remedy a situation that was forecast in the 1980’s.  Continuing to do very little does not seem to be an intelligent strategy.

If we consider new industrial projects that will contribute more CO2 emissions or projects that flood prime agricultural land, it should become obvious that all levels of government and their citizens need to work together to establish a long term economic / political philosophy that can hope to deal with the change we are seeing.

The traditional adversarial model of politics does not work in the Climate Change era.  The traditional economic models that use GDP do not recognize the undeclared costs attached to that system.

As global citizens and jurisdictions, do we have the collective courage to make the necessary changes in our collective behavior in order to slow and remedy the climate situation we have created?

Ron Robinson, Nelson, BC