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Interfor mill rumours quashed - no re-start scheduled

Photo: Interfor vice president and chief forester Ric Slaco

Persistent rumours that Interfor's Castlegar mill is slated for re-opening have once again been denied by Interfor executives.

Interfor vice president and chief forester Ric Slaco told The Source today that, while the company very much wants to see the Castlegar mill up and running, market conditions are not yet to a point that would make re-opening an option.

He said the market is improving somewhat, but that the industry does not yet trust this surge to be more than temporary.  Since the goal is a sustainable operation, rather than a temporary opening leading to another shut-down, resuming Castlegar operations simply isn't on the table at this time.

"We bought that mill to run it, and that's what we still want to do," he said. "I hope someday soon I can confirm rumours like that are true - but not today, or tomorrow ..."