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Castlegar RCMP warn of scam

On Sept. 14, a Castlegar resident reported being scammed through a lululemon giftcard contest she entered through facebook. The ad is a lululemon ad, and not affiliated through the authentic lululemon site.

Internet shoppers are being advised of a series of ads on Facebook and multiple other non-lululemon websites claiming to give away $500 lululemon gift cards. Thesse ads are neither affiliated with or authorized by lululemon.

The ads ask for your cell phone number, and then charge a daily fee to your phone. lululemon athletica does not sell (or give away) gift cards through third-party vendors. If you see a gift card for sale through a non-lululemon dealer (online or offline), please do NOT give them your number.

If you have entered your number to this scam, you should call your cell phone provider to have the text messages stop and report them as spam. You can also report the ads to Facebook by giving them “thumbs down” symbol below the ad itself. This scam can be further researched by typing, "lululemon scam" on internet. Internet displays the cards associated with this scam.

  - Contributed courtesy the Castlegar RCMP Detachment