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“Grounds for Haiti” fundraising initiative reaches goal


The Grounds for Haiti Fundraising Initiative has reached its goal and volunteers are thrilled at the outcome. “Grounds for Haiti was a grass-roots effort that people and businesses embraced even when they may have already helped in the beginning after Haiti’s earthquake,” Volunteer Helen Bobbitt said.

“The outpouring of support in the Greater Trail community has helped us to reach and exceed our $2500.00 goal! We weren’t sure what we would make through our coffeehouse events but we thought we would aim high and we are thrilled to have surpassed that number. We raised almost $2700.00!”

Grounds for Haiti was initially created as a fundraiser to focus on long-term rebuilding efforts through Plan Canada, one of the oldest charities in Haiti.

“Plan Canada has been there before the earthquake as an aid organization helping children and families and when the earthquake hit, they were there to help pick up the pieces. That is what appealed to us when choosing the benefit charity. In 5 months, Plan Canada established 101 mobile health

clinics to serve nearly 5500 patients, they trained 114 staff in community needs assessment and immunized almost 26,000 vulnerable children. They also worked to restore education and have trained 152 teachers, installed 43 temporary schools and put almost 6000 students back in school. All of this was with the money that was donated right after the earthquake. We are glad to be a part of the future of rebuilding Haiti and look forward to hearing what Plan Canada will continue to do there. We raised a modest amount but even more so, we hope we raised greater awareness of how blessed we are to have what we have and that by sharing that, it can make a world of difference.” Bobbitt said with a smile.

There are countless people and businesses for the committee to thank. Jeff Bruce and the staff at Trail Coffee and Tea Company, Bryan Lauzon and the staff at Clive’s Coffee Bar, Geri-anne Rebelato and staff at Rebelato’s Morning Perk, Barb and Barb at The Doorway and of course, Carole Dasti and her awesome crew out at Huckleberry’s Restaurant. We would also like to show our appreciation to the artists who came forward to help with our cause, Tim Bourchier of Rossland, Amber Joy of Trail and Dusty Portz and Tim Wiley.

The Huckleberry’s event was also a success because of Cherry Hill coffee and Coca-Cola and Bill Garnet at Columbia Valley Greenhouse was a huge supporter to the cause. To all of our auction donors, we had so many and we are so very grateful and appreciative of your generosity and support. Of course, we couldn’t have done this at all without the passion and caring of our volunteers, thank you and thanks also to local media like the Trail-Rossland News, Rossland Telegraph and KBS!

If you missed a chance to support the Grounds for Haiti Fundraising Initiative, you can always donate online at their event webpage at