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“Green” Choir, anyone?

When Audrey Bissett, the music director/animator and choir leader at Trail United Church told the folk at the church that she was excited about leading a “Green” choir, most weren’t too sure how to react. She wasn’t surprised.

“When I first heard the term, I thought about the environmental movement, and wondered what kind of music that would be…whale songs? Ocean waves?” says Audrey. “But I found out that, in this kind of choir, it’s the singers who are green. People with little experience, or confidence, or who are seeking a pressure free approach, come together and learn to sing as a choir. I thought it would be a great gift to offer people in our area. Imagine thinking you couldn’t sing, or sing well enough for anyone else to hear, and finding out you can.”

Audrey and the people at Trail United Church (who are providing the facilities, the music, and some of the voices) hope the “Green Choir” will help find the unsung voices in our area, bringing joy to singers and hearers alike.

If energy, enthusiasm and musical gifts have anything to do with it, Audrey Bissett already has them half-way home.

“There are lots of people who don’t think they can sing,” she says, “but I’ve rarely met anyone who actually couldn’t. I’ve tried to pick joyful music for us to learn from: fun to sing and filled with Spirit. ”

The choir will begin singing Audrey’s eclectic selections from John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, African Traditional, Southern Gospel (to name but a few) on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM at Trail United Church. All are welcome.