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Welcome to the Megaphone. This is your place to post the news that matters to you. If someone's getting married or getting born, this is the place to let your community know. If you want to thank someone for a good turn or lambaste the noisy, nosy, or woefully ignorant, do it here. Basically, anything you think your community need to know about: use the megaphone and make yourself heard. 

by Contributor on Tuesday Jul 12 2011

And here's part two of the mockumentary

by Contributor on Tuesday Jul 12 2011

Thankfully Rossland has so far been able to maintain a great balance between real town and resortification. Here's a biting sarcastic look at the mountain resort world. Worth a watch, a few pensive thoughts and some laughs for sure.

by Gravity on Wednesday Jun 29 2011
This is a cut and paste of a comment I found on the Tyee. It has a lot on interesting information about taxation in BC. Quote: How appropriate that the "Vancouver Sun" should today publish a summary of a new report by the CCPA that demonstrates why the BC Liberals were forced to rush out the HST so soon after the 2009 provincial election. The report is entitled "BC's Regressive Tax Shift" and...
by Allyson Kenning on Friday Jun 17 2011
I just saw this posted on Bhubble and thought it would be a good idea to post here, too. I hate to see pets missing their owners, and owners missing their pets. I hope this doggy's humans come and claim her!
by SeanBateman on Sunday Jun 12 2011
Every two weeks, we put out our blue boxes full of recyclable swag to be picked up and be recycled. There are a few of you, like me, who still find some of the swag that the RDKB left behind in our blue box that they deem "not recycleable." It doesn't matter if it is a plastic DVD container or a cardboard box for a Super Soaker; if it has the symbol for being recycled, It should be picked up for...
by SeanBateman on Wednesday Jun 01 2011
There is only one person, me, who is doing all the work for doing an anime convention in Rossland and no one is lending a hand to help me out. If people helped me out making this anime convention in Rossland called Rosslanime, we can get tourist dollars. I have been working on the outline for the past year and few months, which I been editing and adding events, and it is draining my energy.I...
by tkusy on Saturday May 28 2011
I think it is important to recognize local business excellence. We recently used DynaPro Automotive in Rossland to service our vehicle. We are blown away by the great service! Jeremy definitely exceeded our expectations with his level of organization, care and professionalism. Love the complimentary Visual Vehicle Inspection Report! We will be using them for all our future auto servicing!...
by on Thursday May 19 2011
On June 1, a group of eight paddlers from Rossland, Trail and Nelson will join canoeists from all over North America to salute the Columbia Basin and its past by paddling six-person voyageur canoes 1800 kilometres along a historic route from present day Invermere to Astoria Washington. The brigade is commemorating the 200th anniversary of the arrival at the Pacific Ocean of David Thompson, fur...
by Rossland Bear Aware on Friday May 13 2011
Remember the sidewalk bins that facilitated so much mess downtown last summer? The Bear Smart committee is recruiting sponsors for a solar powered trash compactor garbage bin or a returnable bin for a 3 month summer trial on Columbia Ave. A successful trial period provides our city an option to budget for purchase of a year round solution to garbage and returnable’s after the Columbia Ave...
by stevefrench on Friday May 06 2011
cigarette butts are garbage. don't throw it out your car window. don't throw it on the ground. don't be ignorant. k good. now you know.