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Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID

There’s no question that many of us have felt a new kind of loss or grief creep into our lives with the extended COVID restrictions placed upon us.  

Nelson Hospice has seen this grow and is responding to the need to support those dealing with loss with two new online grief groups starting this coming week: EXPLORING LOSS FROM THE DEATH OF A LOVED ONE and GRIEF IN THE TIME OF COVID. 

The first group is to help support those who may have loved ones who've died and who need the safe, confidential space that a grief series like this can give ... while providing some tools and resources that might help us to move through our grief and find our new normal.  

These losses may be recent or longstanding, and perhaps the feelings associated with these deaths have resurged in new ways. 

The second group is a response to the many people suffering from other kinds of losses, from the loss of jobs or businesses, from relationship loss, loss of connection with our former lifestyle and social groups or just a sense of overwhelming grief that cannot be identified. This group will also experience the trusting circle created by our facilitators and resources to work with these feelings. 

Nelson Hospice has partnered with local art therapists, writing instructors and bodywork professionals to bring forward these tools and resources.  In addition, the groups will be informed by the wonderful material found in the book “The Five Invitations” by Frank Ostaseski.  

Our trained facilitators and the professional presenters will take the groups through these tools and use this guidance to help us more deeply explore and incorporate our feelings, building trust in ourselves, acceptance of our circumstances and resiliency to face the unknown future.  

With the help of TELUS and the CBT, Nelson Hospice has also developed a technology lending library to help those not connected to the internet to participate in these groups in a safe, physically distanced way. 

Spaces in both groups are limited, so please call 250-352-2337 or email to register.