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by Contributor on Tuesday Jul 30 2019

ICBC is taking the next step into telematics research with a one-year pilot project—this time recruiting as many as 7,000 drivers to see if technology can improve their driving and make B.C. roads safer.

Drivers can sign-up today to join the pilot which starts in November. If you have less than four years driving experience, either in the...

by Union of BC Indian Chiefs on Monday Jul 29 2019

Dated:  July 29, 2019: 

For over two decades the Tsilhqot’in have battled to keep Taseko Mines Ltd. (TML) from destroying Teẑtan Biny and Yanah Biny with TML’s plan to create an open pit mine on a place of profound cultural and spiritual significance. Both TML and TNG have filed injunctions in B.C. Supreme Court and are in court today and tomorrow.

In 2008 TML worked to advance...

by Dick Cannings MP on Monday Jul 29 2019

The conversation around pipelines and oil sands in Canada has been so heated and polarized it’s difficult to sort hype from fact.  It’s often hard to have an informed conversation about the issue, let alone an informed debate.

On the one side we have people who are deeply concerned about the climate emergency facing us.  It is clear that continued expansion of the oilsands will make it...

by Contributor on Wednesday Jul 24 2019

Boards of Directors for Six Credit Unions in the Kootenay, Columbia Valley and Boundary Regions Agree to Proceed with Regulatory Application for Consent to Present Merger to Members.

Approval of the business case for the merger is a significant milestone in the process.

 The Boards of Directors for the six credit unions exploring a potential merger voted to...

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Jul 23 2019

Canadians care about the environment. We recycle, compost, take pride in our spectacular natural areas and understand the threat of climate disruption. But we also use more energy and water and produce more garbage per capita than any other nation.

In 2017, Canadians produced 1.33 billion tonnes of waste — 36.1 tonnes per person — with only 20.6 per cent treated or...

by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives on Sunday Jul 21 2019

In nearly every neighbourhood, in all parts of Canada, the hourly wage needed to afford an apartment rental is far above minimum wages and rising quickly, according to a new study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). 

There are no neighbourhoods in Canada’s biggest cities (Greater Toronto Area and Metro Vancouver) where a full-time minimum wage worker...

by Rossland Telegraph on Friday Jul 19 2019

Public Notice: Aerial Imagery for the City of Rossland Mapping Systems

A drone, also known as an "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle," will be flying high above Rossland to update the City's aerial images for its mapping systems.  The City asks that people not be alarmed, and not interfere in any way with the drone's operations.  [The editor presumes that any interference would increase...

by aeon on Wednesday Jul 17 2019

By Richard G. Stevens; from Aeon

Light pollution is often characterized as a soft issue in environmentalism. This perception needs to change. Light at night constitutes a massive assault on the ecology of the planet, including us. It also has indirect...

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Jul 16 2019

Climate protection is not a partisan issue

Media and politicians often regard environmentalists as a special interest group with political priorities served by “green” parties. If a Green politician isn’t present or allowed to participate in a public debate, journalists tend to eschew environmental questions, considering them the purview of the absent party. It’s absurd...

by Sara Golling on Tuesday Jul 16 2019

Rossland City Council Meeting, July 15, 2019

Present:  Mayor Kathy Moore, and Councillors Scott Forsyth, Janice Nightingale, Chris Bowman, Stewart Spooner, and Dirk Lewis.  Absent: Andy Morel.   Staff: Chief Administrative Officer Bryan Teasdale, Chief Financial Officer Elma Hamming, Manager of Operations Darrin Albo, Deputy Corporate Officer Cynthia Año Neuvo...


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