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by Sara Golling on Tuesday Jul 16 2019

Rossland City Council Meeting, July 15, 2019

Present:  Mayor Kathy Moore, and Councillors Scott Forsyth, Janice Nightingale, Chris Bowman, Stewart Spooner, and Dirk Lewis.  Absent: Andy Morel.   Staff: Chief Administrative Officer Bryan Teasdale, Chief Financial Officer Elma Hamming, Manager of Operations Darrin Albo, Deputy Corporate Officer Cynthia Año Neuvo...

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Jul 10 2019

The rush to exploit and sell fossil fuels as quickly as possible before the reality of climate disruption becomes too great to deny or ignore has generated some Orwellian rationalizations. Somehow a bitumen pipeline has become part of Canada’s plan to tackle the climate crisis. Another fossil fuel, fracked gas, is being touted as a climate solution.

It’s twisted logic that exposes a...

by Sara Golling on Tuesday Jul 09 2019

Our federal government, and CSIS, are focusing on the wrong threats

Recently, there has been publicity about a perception that Canada’s Intelligence Service – CSIS – has dedicated resources to investigating law-abiding, peaceful advocacy groups – and their members -- working to preserve Canada’s natural environment and its life-supporting capacity.  Articles in...

by Contributor on Thursday Jul 04 2019

Since being established in 1969, Kootenay Savings has made it a priority to make a lasting and meaningful impact in the Kootenays. One of the main ways the credit union invests back into the region is through the work of the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation, which this month distributed more than $57,000 in new grants as part of the Foundation’s Spring/Summer granting cycle.


by David Suzuki on Wednesday Jul 03 2019

There’s no shortage of solutions to the climate crisis. Rapidly developing clean-energy technology, reducing energy consumption and waste, increasing efficiency, reforming agricultural practices and protecting and restoring forests and wetlands all put us on a path to cleaner air, water and soil, healthier biodiversity and lower climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions.


by The Narwhal on Tuesday Jul 02 2019

Province avoids investigation of human health impacts of fracking, despite independent scientific review warning of unknown risks to air and water

By Sarah Cox, for The Narwhal

The B.C. government has quietly released its response to an independent scientific panel’s report on hydraulic fracturing as it ushers in a fracking...

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Jun 26 2019

This morning, I received a message from the BC Government and became nearly incoherent with anger. I sent the following hastily-composed letter to the Premier and the relevant ministers:

Dear BC Government:

Your message about the fifth anniversary of the Tsilhqot'in Decision sparked rage in my aging brain -- at the BC government's continued determination...

by Contributor on Wednesday Jun 26 2019

British Columbia’s economy continues to lead the country as the only province in Canada rated "AAA" by all three international credit rating agencies.

B.C.’s strong position is confirmed with Fitch’s credit rating report, the third and final international rating for the year.

“Our government is building an economy that benefits all British Columbians, not just a few at the top,...

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Jun 25 2019

The economy-versus-environment debate is wrong-headed in elevating a changeable human construct to the same level or above the natural systems on which our health and well-being depend. And in many cases, it would be more accurate to characterize it as “environment versus corporate interests.” Although those interests often align with economic benefits and jobs, sometimes they just mean bigger...

by Contributor on Sunday Jun 23 2019

West Kootenay employers will benefit from a new federal pilot aimed at bringing immigrants to smaller communities.

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, announced last week, named eleven Canadian communities who would benefit from...


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