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by The Narwhal on Tuesday Apr 23 2019

The province is home to more species at risk than any other and is one of only three provinces that lacks stand-alone legislation to protect endangered species

By Sarah Cox, for The  Narwhal

The B.C. government is backpedalling on a commitment to enact an endangered species law in 2020, sparking concern from scientists who say time is...

by aeon on Tuesday Apr 23 2019

By  David V. Johnson, from Aeon

When false and malicious speech roils the body politic, when racism and violence surge, the right and role of freedom of speech in society comes into crisis. People rightly begin to wonder what are the limits, what should be the rules. It is a complicated issue, and resolving it requires care about the exact problems...

by Dick Cannings MP on Monday Apr 22 2019

Lost in the recent media frenzy over the SNC Lavalin scandal were the 2019 Spring Reports of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development. These last reports from Julie Gelfand before her retirement focused on protection of fish and their habitat from mining effluent, subsidies to the fossil fuels industry and—of particular interest to the Okanagan and Kootenay regions--...

by Contributor on Tuesday Apr 16 2019

Jessica Nordlander joined Thoughtexchange to scale her passion for innovating leadership and find work-life balance in a small mountain town.

For the last 10 years, ...

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Apr 16 2019

It’s heartening, in the midst of the human-caused sixth mass extinction, to find good wildlife recovery news. As plant and animal species disappear faster than they have for millions of years, Russia’s Siberian, or Amur, tigers are making a comeback. After falling to a low of just a few dozen in the mid-20th century, the tigers now number around 500, with close to 100 cubs — thanks to...

by Sara Golling on Tuesday Apr 16 2019

Rossland City Council Regular Meeting, April 15, 2019

Present:  Mayor Kathy Moore, and Councillors Janice Nightingale, Andy Morel, Scott Forsyth, Chris Bowman, Dirk Lewis, and – by telephone – Stewart Spooner.

Public Input Period:

John Howse spoke, objecting to the City’s installation of ...

by Contributor on Wednesday Apr 10 2019

Scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) employees continue to contact Canadians, misleading them into paying false debt. Their persistency has created so much fear amongst the public, that many people automatically assume that any communication from someone identifying themselves as the CRA is not genuine.

With the tax filing deadline approaching, it’s crucial that Canadians are...

by RDKB on Wednesday Apr 10 2019

Floods?  Wildfires?  Residents can register for emergency alerts about these, or other imminent threats, delivered by smartphone app, email and voice or text to a landline or cell number. 

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary has launched a new emergency alerting system powered by Voyent Alert! —a Canada-based notification service designed specifically for small to medium sized...

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Apr 09 2019

Another week, another dramatic warning from scientists — met with shrugs all around. This time, a report commissioned by Environment and Climate Change Canada, “Canada's Changing Climate Report,” warned that this country is warming at roughly twice the global average rate, even more in the North and on the Prairies. Some of that is from natural factors, but the report...

by Kyra Hoggan on Tuesday Apr 09 2019

What does famous actor/comedian Seth Rogen have to do with Castlegar and Trail?

Quite a bit, according to Dave Streloff, co-owner of The Higher Path cannabis stores in Castlegar and Trail.

“He (Rogen) has developed his own strain of cannabis – he’s quite a connoisseur,” Streloff said. “He’s really specific about everything he does – he spent five years developing a strain of...


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