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CO2 is essential for life and is as important as oxygen, water and sunlight. Coal, oil and gas ("fossil fuels") were formed by removing carbon (i.e. CO2) from ancient atmospheres and oceans. Unfortunately, there is insufficient fossil-fuel carbon to recreate the fertile, ancient atmospheres. Most of that carbon has been used to form carbonate rocks such as limestone and coral. Carbonate carbon is no longer readily available for plant growth. Consequently, the total carbon (air+oceans) available to support life is now at a record low level and continues to decrease as a result of natural processes. The consumption of fossil fuels temporarily reverses such losses, thereby extending the 'green life' of the planet by thousands of years. According to Matthew McClearn, Canadian Business Online - September 1, 2009, "the Alberta and federal governments are setting aside billions of dollars for subsidies that will go to some of the nation’s largest energy companies. The money represents a down payment on a grand experiment. The idea is to collect carbon dioxide generated by industry before it goes up the stack into the atmosphere, and cloister it underground for eternity. It’s called carbon capture and storage (CCS)." Obviously, our politicians are surrounded by incompetent scientific advisors. It is imperative that taxpayers denounce the squandering of tax dollars on this CCS insanity, as it is inimical to sustaining a green planet. Thorpe Watson, PhD