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December 2020
By Nelson Daily Staff on Thursday Dec 31 2020

E-Comm said in a media release Wednesday, people who are fed up with your food delivery, curious about COVID or have questions about quarantine, should not call 9-1-1.

By Letters to the editor on Wednesday Dec 30 2020

Dear Editor:

I am writing to thank the Rossland Telegraph for publishing submissions from the Rossland Public Library.

It is rare to find a newspaper these days that has either the space or the inclination to inform its readers about new and recommended books.

As a B.C. author, I am always pleased to see this type of support for my fellow writers.

By The Narwhal on Wednesday Dec 30 2020

A surprising thing happened at The Narwhal during the very-bad-not-at-all-good year of 2020: we wrote more good news and solutions-focused stories than ever before

By Carol Linnet, for The Narwhal

You don’t need me to tell you what the seven years of 2020 have been like. 

By Letters to the editor on Wednesday Dec 30 2020

To the Editor:

By Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Dec 29 2020

Interior Health announced Tuesday that there are 10 deaths and 239 new COVID-19 cases to report following the Christmas Holiday break.

In a media release, Interior Health president and CEO Susan Brown said she is deeply saddened to report the deaths of 10 more people in the region.

By Diana Daghofer on Tuesday Dec 29 2020

Born during the Spanish flu, Molly Pacey has lived to experience a second pandemic this year. Molly turns 102 years old on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. She takes this sort of trial in stride, though, possibly due to her stormy entry to this world.

By Letters to the editor on Tuesday Dec 29 2020

To The Editor:

I have some concerns about the recent hype and media coverage from West Kootenay EcoSociety "100% Renewable Energy Plan", that is being brought by the NGO before a number of local municipalities for adoption.

By The Conversation on Tuesday Dec 29 2020

By Jennifer Crane, in The Conversation                                

By Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Dec 29 2020

FortisBC is reminding customers to to pay attention to energy use to reduce seasonal spikes with colder temperatures forcasted as the calendar flips 2021.  

By Contributor on Monday Dec 28 2020

“Books of My Life”

Here’s more inspiration for reading to carry us through the dark days of this pandemic winter, away into other worlds and other times while tucked up safely at home.

Q and A with Eileen Daniel, Rossland Public Library Board Member, Publicity: