This time, Local Governments talk to Feds on future of Columbia River Treaty

This time, Local Governments talk to Feds on future of Columbia River Treaty

Local government representatives Mayor Deb Kozak and Mayor Karen Hamling met with Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, federal officials and regional MPs in late November to emphasize the importance of working with local governments in the Columbia Basin before reaching decisions about the future of the Columbia River Treaty (CRT)

Editorial: Seven Summits Centre For Learning is now partnered with SD 71; how is that working?

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Thanks to the Seven Summits Centre for Learning (Seven Summits), Rossland still has Kindergarten to Grade 12  (K -12) education within its city limits.  When School District 20 decided to close Maclean Elementary School, sell that building and move its former students into the former Rossland Secondary School building, and bus Grade 10, 11 and 12 students down the hill to the brand-new J.L Crowe Secondary School, a group of Rosslanders dedicated to maintaining K - 12 education within Rossland got busy. Very busy.  And so Seven Summits was born.

A Ginger-bread Community, a Noisy Neighbour, Planning for the Mid-Town Lands, Dumping Telus

A Ginger-bread Community, a Noisy Neighbour,  Planning for the Mid-Town Lands, Dumping Telus

Rossland City Council, Regular Meeting on November 28, 2016

Present:  Mayor Kathy Moore, and Councillors Lloyd McLellan, Andrew Zwicker, Andy Morel, John Greene, and Aaron Cosbey.  Absent:  Marten Kruysse.

Public Input Period:

EDITORIAL: Fear-Mongering Invades Rossland

EDITORIAL: Fear-Mongering Invades Rossland

A reader has notified me of a disturbing incident.  It was just paper -- three pages of it -- tacked to a fence in downtown Rossland, but the reader reported that it was an attempt to spread hate in our Mountain Kingdom.  The targets were the usual ones that bigots love to hate:  "liberal,"  feminist, Jewish,  LGBTQ;  and the tone, said the reader, was "hateful, aggressive and belligerent."

LETTER: From Rafe Mair to Justin Trudeau

LETTER: From Rafe Mair to Justin Trudeau


Mr. Prime Minister, as you contemplate approving pipelines in our province, I respectfully suggest you ask yourself a couple of questions.

How come Donald Trump, a Republican, could say the most outrageous things about Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, supported by a very popular presidential couple, yet  voters elect him anyway? The polls had Clinton from wire to wire - yet she lost.

OPINION: The Trouble With CETA and Faith-based 'Reality'

OPINION: The Trouble With CETA and Faith-based 'Reality'

"Sweep away the community of honest brokers in America [and] we'll be left with a culture and public dialogue based on assertion rather than authenticity, on claim rather than fact."

-- U.S. journalist Ron Suskind, 2004

COLUMN: On the Quality of Public Discourse, and the Difference Between Debate and Dialogue

A portion of the cover of James Hoggan's book, "I'm Right and You're an Idiot -- the toxic state of public discourse, and how to clean it up."

The U.S. election was a chilling illustration of the atrocious state of public discourse. It doesn’t bode well for a country once admired for leadership in education and science.

Fond of Food? Give Input on Food Charter, Get Dinner and a Movie

One version of Borscht

How about free borscht and an award-winning movie at the old Firehall on December 7? Yes, it’s all free! Some Rosslanders who are really excited about local food want your input into a community “Food Charter” they’re drafting for the City, so they’re inviting you to dinner: Just bring your ideas.

Save Money, Reduce Pollution? Ride-Share!

Photo credit:   Cooney and Conway

The Kootenay Rideshare website, hosted by the West Kootenay EcoSociety, will be re-launched with new features on November 29. The new website address is:
The Kootenay Rideshare website is free for users and has helped over 15,000 people carpool, creating community connections, and reducing carbon pollution. The updated website includes increased privacy for users, a user ratings feature, and a mobile-friendly design.

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