RSS's Future is Wide-Open, For a While Longer

“Thank you for the tone of this evening,” Rossland parent Keith Robine said at one point Thursday evening, addressing superintendent Jean Borsa and the assembled school board members and district staff in the RSS gym. “We don’t feel threatened.”

K-12 or not K-12, That is the Question...

On Monday evening, Janis Anderson of Rossland’s Visions for Small Schools society and school trustee Kelvin Saldern hosted an information meeting in the RSS library. The purpose of the meeting? To prepare Rosslanders for the upcoming district board meeting, open to the public, on November 13. That meeting will discuss “Planning for the Future”, a recent report by SD 20 superintendent Jean Borsa, and its implications for Rosslanders.

Water Issues Coming in, Water Issues Going Out

With a lot of talk around town about our watershed and water coming into Rossland, discussion flipped to the downhill side of the equation Tuesday evening as the matter of our waste water came before council. A letter was circulated to councillors outlining Trail’s recommendations for a reformed regional agreement. Recommendations were broken down into three areas and included moving to a flow based system for apportioning costs between the three municipalities (Rossland, Warfield and Trail) involved, redefining what infrastructure costs are regional responsibilities or the individual municipality’s expense, and a new governance system based around whoever pays the most into the system having the most votes.

Public Hearing called on 88 Creekside Rezoning

Following up on last week’s story about the city’s plan to rezone a parcel of land involved with the 88 Creekside development, the issue will now go to a public hearing before being decided upon by the city. On Tuesday council voted unanimously to set the date of the public hearing regarding the zoning change for October 27th at the Miner’s Hall.

Watershed under threat again?

Talk around town this week has come back to familiar ground, with issues surrounding the watershed once more front and centre in the minds of Rosslanders. Spurring on this renewed discussion was the passing of first and second readings to rezone a parcel of land involved with the 88 Creekside development. The motion called for the implementation of a recommendation from city staff that the parcel of land in question, which borders the Blue Eyes Swamp, be rezoned from OS-1 (Open Space) to an amended R5 (Residential) zoning.

Dogs or No Dogs?

The issue of whether or not dogs should be allowed downtown seems to have caught the attention of many people in town. Originally brought up at council by Councillor Steve Knox as a recommendation to rescind the current bylaw banning dogs from the downtown area, The Chamber of Commerce is currently pushing the issue. Businesses in the no-dog area have been voicing their concerns on the dog ban as being bad for business and keeping potential customers away.
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