Pinewood Development Draws Attention

If you’ve been following the comments in the Telegraph over the past couple of weeks, you’ve likely noticed a large and at times heated discussion around the plans for the Evergreen Ridge development next to Pinewood in the southeast corner of Rossland.

Play On! A New Playground for MacLean

Just like they count down the sleeps until Christmas, students at MacLean Elementary have been keeping their eyes on the bright red construction project going together piece by piece on the front lawn of the school waiting for their chance to climb, jump, and play all over it. Last Monday, MacLean's brand new playground opened for its first official play day amidst much excitement by the first kids to tromp around on the structure. While the kids may feel like they’ve won the lottery by getting a new playground at their school, the truth is, they did.

Rossland Telegraph for Dummies: Life on a Two-Way Street

Back in August, when the three of us decided to start this paper, the electronic format was a necessity, both ethically and financially. Ethically, there’s just too much paper in this world and too few trees. A no-brainer. Financially, Rossland is simply too small a market to support a print paper any longer given ever-rising costs associated with printing and distribution. Another no-brainer.

Composting in Bear Country

by Rachel Roussin Composting is a great way to reduce household waste and bears are generally only attracted to composts that have strong odours. If composts are healthy and managed right, they shouldn’t ‘stink’ and therefore should not attract bears or other animals.

Rossland Enters Winterlights Competition

Rossland will be entering the national WinterLights Competition for the first time this winter. WinterLights is the winter version of the Communities in Bloom competition held each summer across Canada. Participating in this competition will allow Rossland to showcase its many snowy charms; the overarching goal of the competition is to boost tourism by allowing communities to showcase their strengths.

OCP Review Meeting Oct 8th

A subdued crowd of around one hundred people met at the Miner’s Hall Wednesday evening for a public hearing on the new Official Community Plan. Mayor Gordon Smith chaired the evening and kicked it off with a review of the lengthy process and time put in by the various stakeholders and community members who worked together to create the new document, intended to be a high level guide for Rossland’s actions moving forward.

Strong Start Centre Opening at Maclean Elementary

The new Strong Start Centre will be opening in Rossland this Wednesday, October 8, at Maclean Elementary. Strong Start BC is a free, drop-in early learning program offered by School District 20 in conjunction with the provincial government. Pre-kindergarten children, accompanied by a parent or caregiver, will work with Sonia Tavares, a qualified early childhood educator. The kids will participate in organized story time sessions, play activities, and will learn how to serve healthy snacks, all with the goal of preparing them for kindergarten.

Going to the Dogs...and Cats

With all the talk around town about golf course developments and new improvements up at the hill, it's possible that some of you might have failed to notice the emergence of a new micro-business on Columbia Avenue. Conveniently located between the Post Office and RHC Insurance, it's a small retail place run by a staff of two novices who compensate for their lack of experience with smiling faces and a commitment to the product they're selling. I'm talking, of course, about Riley Albo and Hannah Sterpin's bracelet boutique.

Rossland Telegraph Set to Launch in Time for Local Elections

Starting Thursday, October 9, 2008, Rossland's new newspaper will be up and running. It should be quite a start, given that we're heading into the local election season. It's not as big a deal as the national elections here at home or in the States, perhaps, but as we all know, Rossland city politics never lack for drama or interest. And that's putting it mildly. Very mildly.

In Rossland, a Grim Commemoration of the '03 Riots

Was it only five years ago that Rosslanders took to the streets in a scene reminiscent of Paris in ’68 or Prague in ’89? Was it really only five short years ago that residents of this city took a brave but doomed stance against the installation of two soulless sentinels against our erstwhile bucolic skyscape?
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