3 Years at the Helm - Resigning CAO Ron Campbell Discusses the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Rossland City Hall will be losing a key piece of its operations as of the day this article comes out with city CAO Ron Campbell having announced his resignation early last week. Currently enjoying a number of weeks accumulated vacation time before his resignation is official, Campbell is now out of the office, taking some time off, and looking towards the future as he maps out his next venture. Catching up with Ron at City Hall this week, I had the chance to chat with him about the good the bad and ugly aspects of his three year tenure running the City of Rossland.

'Green Tax Shifting ' Reduces Emissions Without Increasing Taxes, Claims Green Party

Victoria, BC –– The Green Party of BC is calling on British Columbians to support an increased tax shift on green house gas emissions from $10/tonne to $50/tonne. 

The $10/tonne (now $15) shift by the BC Liberals is a start, but BC Greens would shift more sooner -- starting with $50/tonne,” said Jane Sterk, Leader of the Green Party of BC.

We have barely scratched the surface in our shift off oil.--Jane Sterk

Council Notes - April 14th

Rossland Stewardship Society

Bill Miklethwaite made a brief presentation to council on behalf of the Rossland Stewardship Society introducing council to the society and outlining their goals and objectives.

Evergreen Subdivision's Street Safety Questioned

In an ambitious eight page agenda for this week’s city council meeting a street corner in Pinewood garnered the most attention. A standing room only crowd (there are only seats for about ten people in the gallery) gathered, largely to hear and comment on a development variance permit for the Evergreen Ridge subdivision.
The variance applied for was in regards to road design parameters in the new subdivision with discussion on how that may affect safety, in particular at the intersection and entrance to the new subdivision off of Cedar Crescent.

New Approach Eyed for Miners Hall - Task Force Report Presented to Council

Rossland recreation director John Reed held court during Monday April 6th’s committee of the whole meeting, presenting, answering questions and gathering feedback on--among other items--the Miners Hall task force report. The main theme as presented by Reed was that he is keen to take more of a business approach to managing the Miners Hall facility. Allowing that this has not traditionally been part of the recreation director’s role, he envisions a facility that, along with meeting current needs, could be put to even better use and recover a higher percentage of the cost subsidies the city provides to operate it, if not 100% cost recovery.

Council Revisits Communication Policies

On Wednesday evening at a committee of the whole meeting, council discussed its communications policies. This was a discussion meeting, not one devoted to decision-making. The impetus behind this discussion was two-fold: a city-commissioned Communication Policy Report dated January 24 and a Brainstorming Document by councillor (and, at the meeting, acting mayor) Hanne Smith.

Council Notes - March 23rd

Public Hearing This week’s council session began with a public hearing on three bylaws relating to fences and retaining walls, and OCP amendment and zoning amendment related to Redstone’s Phase II. Holding the meeting in the Prestige Hotel’s banquet room this week in anticipation of potentially large crowds, ten folks showed up to sit in the gallery.

Council Notes - March 9th

Golden City Manor Board Doreen Butler of the Golden City Manor Board spoke, calling on council to rethink the new Water and Sewer rate bylaws that passed first, second and third readings on Monday March 2nd.

Water and Sewer Rates: A Change is Gonna Come...

Homeowners in Rossland likely noticed a pleasant surprise in January this year when they didn’t receive their annual water and sewer bills in the mail. No, the city didn’t have a compassionate moment, considering the economic downturn, and decided to provide free water and sewer this year. Rather, water and sewer bills have been delayed until the current and ongoing discussion around developing the new rate system is concluded.

Council Notes - Feb 23rd

New Start Time After voting at the Feb 9th meeting to change the start time of city council meetings to 7:00 pm from the usual 7:30 pm it appears there was some confusion in getting the message out to councillors as Andy Stradling and Jill Spearn showed up at 7:20 ready for a 7:30 start only to find the meeting already in progress.
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