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by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Mar 02 2011
In what sort of accommodation do bees stay while on holiday? A bee and bee, of course.
Common sense may tell us that having more creatures flying around that could potentially sting us might not be a good idea. Lynn Westcott, a Castlegar-based entomologist, disagrees with that. Throughout her career she’s been stressing the importance of maintaining bee populations....
by Allyson Kenning on Wednesday Mar 02 2011

A recent conversation with my father went something like this:<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Me: Dad! Guess what next Tuesday is?

Dad: What? It’s the 8th.

Me: Yes, but guess what day it is?

Dad: What?

Me: It’s Pancake Tuesday!

Dad: So we’re having a dinner, then.

Me: You bet!  Can you bring sausages or what?

As I said...

by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Mar 02 2011

There is lots of talk and lots of assumptions as to what the trick (or tricks) to boosting business in Rossland might be. There’s a perceived need to both solidify existing businesses as well as attract new ones. With lots of ideas out there, the Rossland Chamber of Commerce is currently collaborating with the Sustainability Commission’s Economic Development Task Force on a new initiative to...

by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Mar 02 2011

With all of the genetic engineering feats of late designed to boost agricultural production, one group of seedy locals will be getting together this weekend to prove that they can achieve better results--naturally. Rather than Frankenstein-like projects doing everything from merging trout genes with wheat to develop frost-resistant crops to spawning pest-resistant plants, perhaps the best way...

by Andrew Zwicker on Wednesday Mar 02 2011

On Tuesday evening, just over 80 people took to the RSS Gym bleachers for Round One of a scheduled two round fight this week to maintain K-12 education in Rossland. Local parents, teachers, residents and supporters as well as special guests from Kaslo and Crawford Bay schools were on hand to cheer on the efforts of the Neighbourhoods of Learning (NOL) group.

by Erin Handy on Wednesday Mar 02 2011

John Horgan has set himself a heavy task. The committed, candid NDP leadership candidate is determined to convince a politics-weary B.C. populace that policy debate in this province can be a little less mean, and a lot more meaningful.

Arrogance makes for bad government, Horgan declared from local MLA Katrine Conroy's Castlegar office last week, at the beginning of a campaign sweep...

by Contributor on Tuesday Mar 01 2011

To the Editor:

Ida Chong: Out to Lunch on Budget
I would like to set the record straight. On Wednesday, Minister Ida Chong condemned the NDP for spreading fear about the government making cuts to student aid programs in the 2011/2012 budget; calling these claims “not true”. While the NDP may have reported a larger cut than there is in this budget when it first...
by Contributor on Tuesday Mar 01 2011

The two classic tales of the Bremen Town Musicians and Rumpelstiltskin, interpreted through the imaginative and skilled puppetry of Nova Scotia’s Maritime Marionettes, will be profiled in an upcoming show in Grand Forks.

Heather Bishop Taylor and Darryll Taylor began working together in the mid-1980s, with the Kids Express Puppet Troupe based in Halifax, Nova Scotia....

by Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Mar 01 2011

Two 30-year-old men were arrested under the Mental Health Act by Nelson Police Department officers in separate incidents in the city over the weekend.

One man was arrested in his home without incident on Feb. 25 and the other was arrested on Feb. 27 in the downtown core, said NPD Sgt. Dino Falcone.

"They were both transported to the Kootenay Lake Hospital where a...

by Contributor on Tuesday Mar 01 2011

The Neighbourhoods of Learning community meeting will take place tonight -(Tuesday, March 1) at 6:30 p.m. in the RSS Gym. Two principals and a parent from Kaslo and Crawford Bay K-12 schools will be at the meeting to help us understand how their schools work and the opportunities and benefits of a K-12 school. We will also address questions about the proposal sent to the school board....


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