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by Contributor on Thursday Jan 27 2011

Developing literacy skills begins at home. Whether it's a book, board game, magazine, newspaper or website, all British Columbians are being encouraged to take part in a literacy activity with their families for 15 minutes at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 27 to celebrate Family Literacy Day.

Today and throughout this week, events celebrating literacy are taking place in schools,...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Tuesday Jan 25 2011

One of the best BC blogs, in my opinion, is done by Laila Yuile: I’m Laila Yuile and This Is How I See It. She has broken real news, taken on the powers that be, and opened up some great discussions on many, many topics of interest and importance to British Columbians.


And her recent response to some nasty insults and name-calling in...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Wednesday Jan 19 2011

By Bev Van Ruyven

BC Hydro’s transformation to a more modern electricity grid will begin with the installation of 1.8 million digital smart meters into homes and businesses throughout the province.

This week marks the release of the business case for the Smart Metering Program  [PDF, 550 Kb]. It explains the...

by Laila Yuile on Wednesday Jan 19 2011

Just back from the Vancouver Sun live chat with Kevin Falcon, in which every question I submitted was given to Falcon except the last, because time ran out. So, what can you expect from Kevin Falcon if he were to be the leader of the Liberals, or worse yet--shudder--premier?

by Murray Dobbin on Monday Jan 17 2011

Few developments in our era of savage capitalism are so powerfully symbolic of the new feudalism than the obscene compensation paid out to the new economic elite: the CEOs of the most powerful corporations in the country. The CCPA’s Hugh MacKenzie now reminds us yearly of this economic and social sickness by identifying exactly when the average CEO (of the 100 largest firms) has earned...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Tuesday Jan 11 2011

America is at war with itself. And anyone who watches Fox News or listens to US radio talk shows should not be surprised that another gunman has taken aim at his own government, his own elected officials or his fellow citizens.


Being in the midst of what is going on, the American people have slowly become anesthetized to the hatred being encouraged in their media every day, 24...

by Murray Dobbin on Wednesday Jan 05 2011

What kind of year in politics is 2011 going to be? Very likely another year (or at least ten months) of gridlock at the federal level, with no sign of any so-called game changer on the horizon.


A spring election is looking less likely as the Conservatives try to make a deal with the NDP — swapping its support for the budget for increased support for seniors and hopefully a halt...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Jan 04 2011

New standards for energy-efficient alternatives to 75W and 100W incandescent light bulbs came into force on Monday.

After Jan. 1, consumers will be able to find a range of light bulb options on store shelves, including both efficient light bulb options and incandescent light bulbs.

B.C. retailers can continue to carry the old incandescent 75...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Monday Dec 20 2010

Two studies conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) point to wide-ranging economic and social benefits from hosting the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The reports, which cover the period of 2003-2009 and the first three months of 2010, show some positive impacts for both B.C. and Canada in the areas studied.


by Jane Sterk on Friday Dec 17 2010

Christy Clark’s suggestion that the next BC Liberal leader will need to get a “mandate” from BC voters through an early election shows she doesn’t understand our parliamentary system. And former attorney general and author of the fixed election date legislation Geoff Plant’s statement that the legislation did not anticipate the current situation is absurd.

Under the Westminster...


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