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Regional News

By Contributor on Monday Jun 14 2010

Selkirk College’s Co-operative (Co-op) Education program is continuing to provide students with opportunities to expand their learning experiences through effective work placements. 

Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Geographic Information Systems Degree program (BGIS), Selkirk student Tammy Steen has had one previous work term with BC Timber Sales in Campbell River and is currently fulfilling another work term with the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB). 

By Murray Dobbin on Thursday Jun 10 2010

 When is a bank bail-out not a bailout? When the Canadian bankers’ Association President, Nancy Hughes Anthony says so. In her letter to the Vancouver Sun (which published my blog on the issue)  Hughes Anthony points out that not a single bank went bankrupt and therefore did not require a bail out.

By Contributor on Thursday Jun 10 2010


B.C. Southern Interior MP, Alex Atamanenko is extremely disappointed that the Conservative budget bill C-9 was adopted in the House of Commons on June 8th.

“This bill paves the way for the privatization of Canada Post and authorizes the sale of the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. with no debate or public scrutiny.  It also approves the drainage of the Employment Insurance Account which used to have a surplus of $57 billion paid by workers”, said Atamanenko.

By Castlegar Source on Wednesday Jun 09 2010

Police are asking residents to handle rumours responsibly as Day Four of the search for 19-year-old Zachary Larsen continues.

Helicopters and numerous Search and Rescue water craft searched again yesterday, but found nothing, so a ground search was organized for today, beginning this morning in Millennium Park.

Roughly 100 volunteers showed up to help look for the young man, splitting into teams of eight, with each team led by a trained Search and Rescue person.

By Harvey Oberfeld on Wednesday Jun 09 2010

Wow! What a pleasant surprise. There, as CTV Vancouver’s local news top story tonight (Tuesday), was a hidden-camera investigation into B.C.’s program to prevent voluntarily self-restricted problem gamblers from entering casinos. 

By Castlegar Source on Tuesday Jun 08 2010

Police are still searching for a 19-year-old Castlegar man (pictured here) who was last seen in the early morning hours of June 6, after a night out with friends.

Castlegar RCMP Sgt. Laurel Mathew said Zachary Larsen was reported missing Monday morning when he didn't return home or show up at his job

"(He) was believed to be wearing jeans and a plaid shirt," she said, adding he's 6-foot-one-inch, about 180 pounds, has brown hair and brown eyes. "Police have received several calls on this incident.

By Contributor on Monday Jun 07 2010

A group of eight British Columbia medical and health organizations are calling on the provincial government to enact province-wide legislation banning the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides. The group is also clarifying two common myths surrounding cosmetic pesticides because of emerging evidence of human toxicity, especially to the vulnerable, young and old. 

By Mona Mattei on Sunday Jun 06 2010

Since the development of the Public Safety Committee, the City of Grand has been actively involved with support for addressing the needs of those most at risk in the community. At their meeting on Monday, May 31 council joined the ranks of over 300 communities and organizations across B.C. calling on the provincial government to create a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy, and went on to provide a grant-in-aid to the committee to form a society whose goals will be to develop a shelter and transition housing.

By Rob Leggett on Friday Jun 04 2010

As parents, we may not be willing to believe that our babies are having sex, but they are.

Whether we accept this fact or not, the hard reality is this: Teenagers are going to have sex! And for many of them it will be sooner than later, this is why sex education in the schools AND at home is so critical.

Despite, or maybe because, they have a wealth of information at their fingertips, many teens are unclear about the use of birth control, how to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI) or even that masturbation is normal.

By Kyra Hoggan on Friday Jun 04 2010

There comes a time for every parent when they realize they'll soon need to have “the talk” with their child (ren).

I don't know what made me think I was exempt, except maybe that I blocked the idea to avoid the sheer horror of it – they say your mind can just delete certain memories, if they're traumatic enough ...can it do likewise if it's an anticipated traumatic memory?